Truth Will Out Radio: Druids, Catholics and Hitler


Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise present another episode of Truth Will Out Radio, this week answering questions that had been addressed to Dennis about his two documentaries. The first is about Catholicism and whether or not the Roman Catholic church is Christian. This accusation is often seen in comment sections, along with the same thing being said about Orthodoxy or Protestants. Surely if somebody accepts Christ and strives to keep the Biblical commandments in the traditional sense, then they should be regarded as Christian no matter what denomination they are. Traditional minded Christians are few enough as it is, without arguing among ourselves over minutiae.

After this the subject moves to Druidry and it’s link with Freemasonry. Dennis shows footage of the queen being initiated as a Druid in Communism by the Back Door, which should be evidence enough that modern Druidry has nothing to do with it’s original form. The Druid hierarchy became the early pre-Saxon church in Britain and the descendants of the Druids were it’s Bishops and Arch Bishops. When Freemasonry began they claimed a link with it to try and give the secret society some legitimacy and a link with the country, but the Druids before Christ were not a secret society, they were a visible part of an open society.

Dennis has been criticised for his view on the Khazar theory based on genetic studies showing that today’s Jews are not Khazars, but he never said they were Khazars, only that they had some Khazar ancestry. We can see that the Jews are mixed, we can see that some of them have Negroid hair, but that does not mean they are Negroes. There is plenty of evidence in the historical record to show the Jews were in Khazaria and they obviously interbred with the population, as that is a part of their parasitic process in taking over a nation. Some of the motives for promoting the theory are looked at, such as distancing the modern Jews from their pharisaic ancestors, but whether they are mongrelised or not, they still have the blood of those who killed Christ in them.

After this the two hosts debunk some common criticisms that conspiracy theorists often use, about Hitler being funded by the Bush crime family and Operation Paperclip, before moving on to a lengthy attack piece by someone who has actually watched some of the documentary. The book burnings, Communism in Germany, Hitler’s war record  and the concept of personal freedom are all addressed before we finish with an unintended compliment comparing Dennis’ work with Dr Goebbels.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Druids, Catholics and Hitler - TWOR 111816

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