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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – The Best Defense is Offense


Continuing on from last week's great show with Zeiger, Grandpa Lampshade’s Thoughts of the Day returns with a wide range of topics to discuss and Grandpa starts by highlighting the need to guard against having a defensive mentality. After all the best defense is a good offense. We are seeing many different actions on the part of our enemies and when looked at as a whole, they can be viewed together as an attempt to degrade our morale. This can be unsettling but worry naught, this tactic will only be effective against us if we take up a defensive mentality. Grandpa breaks it all down for us on how to guard against and counter this latest tactic used by the Marxists.

Next up Grandpa talks about why we need to always question and look for the false premise that our enemies will always be trying to get you to engage with. An example of this would be the notion that when we let all of the so called migrants in, it will be ok because they will be vetted. Now, this vetting process is obviously a lie because there is no way to vet people who show up with no identification, no paperwork and no way to verify their background. This is tempting bait to engage our opponents with, the impossibility of vetting these migrants. However, when we take a step back and look at the false premise that they have baited you with, which is the assumption that we have to let SOME of them in and the only question is which ones, you will quickly see the weakest point to attack them on. You can spend hours debating over the legitimacy of the vetting process or you can attack them on the false premise that we are required to let ANY of them in. Your opponent may be willing to argue for hours on end whether or not there is a way to vet people coming into the country, but you will quickly find them retreating if you attack them on the point of why it is necessary to bring ANYONE into the country.

Grandpa then briefly discusses spotting our enemies, whether they be Jews or not, by the language that they use. Namely, the language of lies and the language of the devil. Everything they tell us, EVERYTHING, is the polar opposite of the truth. Feminism is freedom and happiness yet women are now more miserable than ever. Wall Street is doing great (i.e. Jews are getting richer) so the economy is good, but all the while you are getting poorer. The examples could go on and on, but the important thing to take away here is to look for those who speak the language of lies. If what they tell you does not stand up to the light of truth, then you can be assured they are an enemy. Now this leads us to a question, if this is the case then why is it so hard to get people to stop listening to these liars and accept the truth that we are presenting them? The sad fact of the matter is that a part of the human condition seems to be the inability to accept that you are wrong or that you have been deceived about something. The longer you have believed the lie, the harder it is to accept the fact that you have been lied to and duped. Be it pride or stubbornness or whatever, people will continue to grasp on to the lie they have believed in rather than cast it off and accept an obvious truth. This is sad, because there is nothing shameful about having been deceived, that guilt lies with the deceiver. However, there is shame in being in denial of an obvious truth rather than walking away from the deception.

GPL discusses how even though they claim to care about women, gays or whatever other different group, all of these people are nothing more than tools for the Jews. They don't care about minorities achieving happiness, they don't care about whether or not these people's lives are actually made better or if they suffer negative consequences from following the path that the Jew has laid out for them. All they care about is using them as tools to further their Jewish Marxist agenda. We all know that the Jew loves to use Gays, Moslems, women or whatever group to attack us but in reality, their most loyal and useful tool is the conservative normie. This is ironic because the conservative normie in reality usually claims to be against most of the policies that the Jew himself is advocating. Yet, you will be hard pressed to find a more loyal defender of the very people who are imposing on us just what they claim to be opposed to. Grandpa Lampshade goes unplugged for a part of this segment on normie conservative types who hate on Moslems yet refuse to address the hooked nose staring them right in the face. The fact of the matter is, whether you like it or not you will never NEVER deal with this Moslem issue without addressing the JQ. The Jews brought these Moslems here so do you really think they are going to just stand back and let you deport them? If you are a normie conservative type, you will either deal with the Jewish problem or you will continue to be swamped by Hajis.

After that Grandpa moves into the listeners questions and comments segment with a couple of observations and topics brought to us via Radio Aryan chat and Okuma. First up is on the topic of perfection in our personal lives. Since we cannot ever hope to achieve perfection in our personal lives, is there a point in even striving for it? Okuma's second observation was about him having to deal with someone who made the remark that Nationalism is basically for losers and that we are all just finding comfort in a cause because really we are just jealous of the globalists because it is they who have all the money and all the power. GPL breaks all of this down and gives you his take on these observations.

Lots of great topics and lots of passionate discussion this week. If that's your cup of tea then you have come to the right place: Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – The Best Defense is Offense – GL 121316


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1 comment:

  1. GL: you are dynamite - I'm writing before listening and have been catching up on earlier podcasts as far as ITunes offers me, which is not as far as I used to have from it, which was all the way back to 2014. Anyway: not the point of writing. I AGREE that the situation is still what it is, a point you made in an earlier podcast about... the people are already here in the country and the solution isn't democracy. Unfortunately, you are effectively putting into words exactly my realizations and though both of us and others are upbeat, the truth remains the truth. Sacrifices and pain will and are being demanded of us. What else to say? OH! The program you did with Zeiger, who is another subject - . I will try to find the program in which he presents his analysis of the left's difficulties, which they finally see after having to study the issue academically first... Anyway - the program of 2 hours in which he was on with you was a super good presentation: I am female and agree wholeheartedly with what was said. I guess I am another one of your 'fashy' females (sp.?) You are a very powerful speaker and thinker - your character is broad and inclusive. The way to sum it up is that you would be pacific at Thanksgiving dinner among those who..... are not on the same page who are relatives, but, if someone should chose to put on a BLM t-shirt, you would go right up stairs and changed into your true colors, so to speak.

    I see the need to sponsor. Like everything I have to try to think it through first. Your $2.00/month idea could work in a situation that is in a state of flux, mine. Thanks.