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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day with Zeiger


This week we have a special edition of the show, Grandpa Lampshade and Zeiger's Thoughts of the Day. We haven't had a co-thoughts show in a while and Grandpa decided nothing would be better than to get Zeiger on and as you would expect it’s insightful, fun and very enlightening. The two hosts start off by discussing Zeiger's excellent work at the Daily Stormer and how much effort goes into his well researched articles. Putting out quality content doesn't just happen by chance, a lot of long hours and hard work goes into each and every one of these pieces.

Before getting into the heart of the show, Grandpa takes a moment to discuss the need for all of us to be sure that we always deal with one another fairly. In this movement, the entire Zionist establishment is stacked against us and if there is one thing that is imperative it is that we have the full trust of one another and go to the greatest extent possible to be certain we treat each other fairly. On that note, all sponsorship money for this week will be split with the co-host, as GPL believes this is the right and fair thing to do since half the show's content is being provided by the co-host.

For the first topic of today's show, Grandpa and Zeiger look at the way our Leftist opponents bastardize the meaning of words, stripping them of their literal meaning and substituting an emotional one in their place. Words such as "Progressive" - who doesn't like progress, right? But if you look at the literal meaning of the word just what progress have these parasites actually brought us? Grandpa and Zeiger take a look at the so called progress that the progressives bring and decide they have brought about anything but progress. Grandpa and Zeiger dig quite deep into this topic and cover every angle and then some, from the Jew's need to control the narrative to how our side has ripped the narrative away from them and turned public opinion against them. You will be hard pressed to find a deeper analysis of this topic anywhere else.

Next up the two hosts delve into the topic of National Socialism and the way that governments deteriorate over time. Would National Socialism also deteriorate in the same way that other governments have, given a long enough period of time? The fact of the matter is that anything involving people will at some point or another be subject to corruption because man is corruptible. There is no reason to believe that National Socialism would be immune to this. However this doesn't mean that we shouldn’t try. If we can set up a system that serves people well over several generations then that is a good thing. We should not abandon our efforts just because it is not the solution for all eternity. GPL and Zeiger dig deep into this subject and talk about it's implications in our movement for what we are trying to accomplish.

For the next segment, we get a discussion on how foreign policy would look under a National Socialist system. As NS is based upon recognizing the fundamental reality of racial differences, we would not need to have foreign wars in the name of spreading our values to races that we know cannot accept or operate under those values. This of course, is discounting the fact that none of our current Middle Eastern wars have ever really been about spreading democracy, instead they have been fought at the behest of our Jewish masters. But what about expansionism? Would countries need to fight wars to increase their territory? Both GPL and Zeiger agree that with advancements in technology, these issues that were once quite relevant for nations are becoming less so. We know why the Jews want to demographically replace us, but why do entities such as corporations also go along with it? Circling back to the topic of foreign policy under National Socialism, what would our military structure be centered around? Even though unlike today, you would see the military primarily used as a force for defence of the country, what other purposes would the military perform under a NS system? Would wars not fought for self defence ever occur and if so, under what sort of circumstances? When we burrow down to the root cause of these issues time and time again, we find the Jews at the root of the problems, which once again highlights the importance of naming the Jews and not cucking out on our message.

After this Grandpa and Zeiger head over to the ever popular listeners questions and comments segment. The first one is from Viking 87 via the Daily Stormer who asks what can we do to move forwards besides trolling and sticker campaigns? Grandpa sees the actions of our enemies right now as being the most effective way to drive people into being more receptive to us and our message. We also get an update on what Grandpa is doing and some of the tactics he is using, as an illustration of how listeners can implement this in their own activities as well. Zeiger then discusses the importance of branching out into more IRL activities. He correctly points out that one on one, you can have far more influence on what people think than online. He drills down on the specifics of what you can do and how you can be effective.

Next is a comment from Gab and Dagron who has recently came from a more normie perspective but loves the show. He wants to know what brought GPL from normieville to fashville. Grandpa and Zeiger share their political histories and a snippet of the story of their journey from where they've been to where they are now.

Next comment comes from Megajoel and he mentions upcoming holidays and dealing with family members who are diametrically opposed to our point of view. How do we deal with the atmosphere? Do we take the opportunity of Christmas dinner to explain to the resident liberal that he's a complete retard or do we promote family peace by holding our peace and carving the ham? Also what is GPL's holiday drink of choice? The latter part is easy to answer: whiskey and water, always whiskey and water. As to the former, GPL and Zeiger discuss the topic of dealing with family get togethers with opposing viewpoints and how best to deal with this situation.

After that we have a comment from The Daily Stormer and Mason F has a question about how we go about making women understand that we are not evil sexist haters, but simply want women to behave like women. How do we influence the culture to accomplish this and how do we get back to things falling in line with the natural order?

The final comment comes via Gab from Grimace with Agency, who asks what Grandpa and Zeiger think of Info Wars: are they just controlled opposition or are they using code words like NWO in place of "the Jews"? GPL and Zeiger give you the straight scoop on Alex Jones' little operation and what it really is.

This show runs quite a bit longer than the usual Thoughts of the Day but you won't want to miss it. Time flies by when you are hitting subjects this hard with this much information. This is one of those rare instances where you get double the insight and double the fun, right here on Grandpa Lampshade and Zeiger's Thoughts of the Day.

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Presented by Grandpa Lampshade and Zeiger

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