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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Bizarro World


Through the frigid cold of an arctic north wind, fuelled by nothing more than coffee and a burning desire to stop these kikes Grandpa Lampshade arrives to bring us another episode of Thoughts of the Day. Grandpa opens the show by discussing the bizarro world we live in where everything is upside down and the polar opposite of reality. (((They))) have been trying to convince us for 8 years now that the First Wookie Michelle Obama is beautiful, never mind the fact she looks like a primate from the Star Wars movies. How bitter indeed it must be for them that not only have people refused to accept this lie, but we now have the stark contrast of an actual beautiful woman coming into the White House as First Lady with Melania Trump. You can just taste the bitter feminist tears from here.

Next Grandpa revisits a topic discussed earlier on the Radio Aryan Roundtable pertaining to the non stop demonization of Putin. The question arises of exactly where are they going with this? Obviously we are somewhat limited as to what information we have, but we can look at it with the knowledge we do have and take an educated guess. Grandpa believes there are several angles at work here as there are different factions among our enemies with different objectives in mind. Will they go all in and blow up the democracy once and for all? GPL says do it faggots.

Circling back to the topic of everything being bizarro world and backwards from reality, GPL points out that this is simply a reflection of the Jewed out society we live in. Jews speak nothing but lies for they follow the father of lies. As another example of this Grandpa discusses what constitutes bravery in our modern culture for it surely isn't real men standing up for what is right. No, every degeneracy is now upheld as some sort of virtue and true bravery has come to mean standing up against the people on behalf of the Marxist establishment.

In our next segment, GPL uses all his powers of empathy to put himself into the shoes of actual Syrians to see from their point of view, how their country is being destroyed by foreign supported fighters and their only hope for survival lies with the Assad regime being victorious in defending them. Meanwhile, you have Hajis here in America protesting and demanding that the U.S. do something to stop Assad from saving his own people. Isn't it amazing? When the terrorists held Aleppo, nobody was really worried about the well being of the civilians there but every time Assad and Putin start pushing them out we are bombarded with calls for a ceasefire in the name of saving the civilians. Of course, all these cease fires ever accomplish is to give the ISIS dudes time to regroup and counter attack. Grandpa calls out these cowardly Hajis who have the nerve to sit here in this country and demand that we go save Syria when they themselves are too pathetic to lift a finger.

For the final segment before listeners questions and comments Grandpa covers the story happening on The Daily Stormer about Richard Spencer's mother being attacked by Montana kikes. Grandpa finds this story to be a perfect example of the Jew's complete lack of ability for self reflection or to properly read their current situation. Instead of realizing that things are changing, they simply double down on the very behavior that makes everybody hate them. It is truly a joyous thought to picture what must be the shell shocked look upon the faces of these rotten Jews.

Moving into the listener questions and comments segment, first up from The Daily Stormer "The kids are alt right" wants to know what Grandpa's take is on the importance of your personal appearance in representing our movement. Is a well kept professional look important? Grandpa tells us how appearance is indeed important however it depends on the role you are playing in the movement. There is a role in this for each and every one of you and your appearance should match that role.

Our next question comes via email and Okuma wants Grandpa to discuss what governments can do to help stem the tide in our demographic crisis. It seems Okuma had a debate with someone over proactive things the government can do to help get our people get back to having thriving families again. His opponent felt this was somehow Communistic and should be opposed for a more round about method such as tax incentives. As always you want to start by getting to the root of the issue: in this case our own demographic decline. Is it even a real problem and if so, what can be done to correct it? Grandpa Lampshade gives you his full take on this in as big picture a way as possible.

They say that time is money. An hour of your day isn't much time but it is always well spent when you join us right here, for Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Presented by Grandpa Lampshade

Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – BIzzaro World – GL 122016


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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the great podcast. Just one suggested edit.

    "...shoving Marxism down their throats..." should be "...shoving kosher-Marxism down their throats..."

    The second always exposes the source.