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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Radio Aryan Roundtable: Christians, Pagans, Pizzagate and Putin


Florian Geyer joins Sven Longshanks and Grandpa Lampshade for this week’s Roundtable to discuss three issues of topical importance.

First up Sven talks about a non-existent distinction that causes division among our ranks, that of Christians and Pagans. We were Pagans once and then we became Christians, but we still remain the same people. It is a nonsense to talk about the Church stealing traditions from Pagans as you cannot steal from yourself. Nothing changed once we became Christian, our laws didn’t change and the people didn’t change, what was beneficial was kept and what was not beneficial was discarded. The Church evolved from our earlier beliefs and incorporated many of them into the new faith, even utilising the same sacred spaces.

Florian highlights the fact that there was no individual choice at the time, the nation went along with whatever the king did. If the king got baptised, then the nation became Christian and a part of the commonwealth of Christendom. Back when the Church was entirely White, it filled the same role that the concept of the White race does for us today. We know that the White nations are our brothers, but a thousand years ago this was not so, it was only when the nations became Christian that they acknowledged the other White nations as being brothers.

Next up is a chilling report from Florian on a Norwegian pedophile scandal that has identified many child abusers in high places. Our enemy is evil itself and the establishment serves this evil, whether knowingly as in the case of these pedophiles or not, as in the case of the useful idiots. They have faith in a supernatural evil but many of us have lost our faith in a supernatural good. We need to reclaim our beliefs if we want to be a credible force against them, if we have faith then we will be able to withstand incarceration or even martyrdom for our cause.

Nationalism is wholly good, globalism is wholly bad and the proof of that is in these sick pedophiles that are allowed to flourish in a multicultural society. Grandpa points out that blackmail is used to control the goy puppets that the Jews put out front and by necessity, it has to be something that they would never recover from, such as a pedophilia scandal. Sven describes the links between the Freemasons, the Jews and the Intelligence services and how they all collude to protect their pedophile servants and other ‘assets’.

Grandpa Lampshade makes a presentation for the final segment, looking at the ridiculous allegations being made against Putin. After losing a billion dollars of investors’ money by failing to win the presidential election, Hillary Clinton is now desperate to find a scapegoat and has decided Putin would be perfect, since they have been promoting him as enemy number one for some time now. Despite an ex-British ambassador who claims the emails were given to Assange by a Democrat insider, Clinton has been trying to convince the gullible goyim that Putin himself hacked into Podesta’s emails from his home computer, out of jealousy because nobody in Russia really likes him.

The Jewish media has run with the story and even added to it, by claiming that Putin has also been trying to meddle in the German elections, by orchestrating the Moslem rape gangs and terrorist attacks over there. It really does seem like we have slipped into an alternate reality where the most unbelievable lies can be portrayed as credible news stories.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Grandpa Lampshade and Florian Geyer

Radio Aryan Roundtable: Christians, Pagans, Pizzagate and Putin – RT 121916


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