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Radio Free Northwest: Return of the Living Dead


Harold Covington presents a new episode of Radio Free Northwest and he starts by voicing his fears that Clinton may rise from her coffin and make another grab for the presidency. Three states on a recount will be a lot easier for them to steal from Trump than an entire election - could this have been their plan B all along?

Andy Donner took some inspiration from the mainstream media and recorded two audio files before the election, one for each candidate with the winner’s one to be played after the result. We have already heard the one for Donald Trump and this week we get his file for a Clinton win.

After that we get some NWF updates for people thinking of moving - employment opportunities in Seattle and a new minimum wage, which is driving rents up due to the numbers moving there looking for work. Tradesmen and skilled workers are wanted and Harold does not know anyone who did not have a job within three weeks of moving there.

Gretchen is up next and this week she is discussing Schopenhauer’s The World as Will and Idea, which deals with abstract concepts and would thus be inaccessible to the Negroid mind. The notion of having concepts and principles is what separates us from the animals. He sees the will as being the essence of everything and extends it to natural elements such as water, whose will is to be wet. He talks a lot about different types of painting and the symbolism in it and praises architecture for being completely original, as it does not reflect nature.

The essence of freedom for him is the notion of life denial, the notion of right and wrong which is often enshrined in the state. Much of his worldview came from exotic philosophies and although Hitler was supposedly influenced by him, it seems more to Gretchen that National Socialism was actually a reaction against it. This is the first book in a series of essays and can be read in a short time, although it is packed with information.

After that we get some audio from Comrade J who has a radio show affiliated with Radio Free Northwest talking about the nonsense phrase ‘person of colour’ and how liberals will not be happy until they have replaced all White person everywhere with this ‘minority’ that makes up 85% of the world’s population.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Return of the Living Dead – RFN 120116

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  1. Love your illustration! Very fitting. (((They))) probably can do anything. Even put another #PizzaGate perpetrator in office.