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Radio Free Northwest: Settlers 17


Harold Covington presents a new episode of Radio Free Northwest and starts by reminding us that the enemy listens to these broadcasts too, before moving into something he thought was finally over, the race for the presidency. The establishment is hoping for a coup in the electoral college, but Harold doubts any of them will have the balls to ignore the popular vote in their States and when this doesn’t happen, he thinks we could see an assassination attempt. If Trump survives and makes it to the inauguration, we will then see one long battle to delegitimise his presidency by the same forces trying to genocide us. Harold thinks this could give us a breathing space and the chance to form a viable political movement for the Norwest Front.

Gretchen reviews The Unstoppable Far right this week, which is a report sponsored by the enemy and designed to find a way to stop Euro-scepticism. There are three strategies suggested, mid-right parties that just pretend to address voter’s concerns, offering referendums and then not following through with them and finally re-framing arguments so people think integration is in their best interests. Brexit was a spectacular failure of the second strategy and we could also see the third being employed during the run-up to the referendum, warning people that leaving the EU would cause the economy to collapse and everyone to become paupers. This report is a fairly quick read, but it is eye-opening as to the manipulation that is going on in the background and Gretchen found it very interesting.

Andy Donner returns to give us his opinion on Donald Trump and the Alt-Right. Trump is an unknown quantity, so Andy is fearful of what might occur, especially if he starts using lots of executive orders after the precedent set by Obama. Will he do good things with these orders? He has already given his approval to faggot marriage, saying that it is an issue that has already been settled, when it is far from settled as the Supreme Court cannot make law, it can only interpret it. Andy is not convinced Trump is the best person to be in office at the height of a trend for executive order abuse and fears he could make rash decisions that could hurt us. But he did at least see off the hildebeaste.

Harold then comes back for the final segment to explain what the Settlers 17 project is and how people in the Northwest can start getting involved.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Settlers 17 – RFN 121516

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