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Radio Free Northwest: A Visit From Saint Adolf


Harold Covington presents the Christmas edition of Radio Free Northwest and starts with a very funny poem from Andy Donner about Saint Adolf, the Alt-Right and the political system.

After that we get some discussion an an ideological point that is troubling Harold. Feminism is one of the worst things the Jews have ever done to us and the Clinton campaign was the pinnacle of this hatred against men. It was open and outright, vote for Hillary because she is a woman and then we can crush all the men into the dust. Some of us have reacted to all this misandry by returning the favour and becoming misogynists, but if we allow this to happen and start hating our own White women, then the Jews have won. Harold tells us an anecdote about some of the horrific things done to men by women over the years before breaking off to return later.

Gretchen covers Through South Africa by Henry M Stanley this week, which was written in the late 1800s and is compiled from letters and documents of the time by the author. He discusses the quality of the soil in Africa and how irrigation projects could turn the Rhodesian highlands into farming areas and he also wanted to see railroads being built. He was visiting Africa just before the outbreak of the second Boer war and meets Kruger, the head of the first Boer state which is what most people are interested in when they read this book.

Comrade J is featured again, this week talking about racism and Rachel Dolezal. If people think it is fine for men to pretend to be women, then how come Dolezal was not allowed to pretend to be Black? Comrade J suggests she should have also pretended to be male and then she would have been ok.

Harold returns, to remind us that the goal behind feminism is to prevent White babies from being born. Misogyny just helps to achieve this, as it means men giving up trying to find a suitable woman at all. We need to remember that women are just as much victims in this as we are and they need protecting from themselves, rather than being blamed for behaving the way they do once they no longer have any restraints on their actions.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: A Visit From Saint Adolf – RFN 122216

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