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Schmitt’s Axis War Heroes: Leon Degrelle


Messerschmitt from Radio Aryan presents the first documentary of a new series taking an in-depth look at the lives of some of the heroes who fought for the Axis powers during world war two. Leon Degrelle is the subject for the first production and Schmitt takes us on a journey from his early life right through until the end, using video footage and images throughout to illustrate the tale.

Degrelle was probably the first to coin the term ‘Banksters’ and even before the war started, he was exposing the corrupt Flemish politicians for taking bribes from this privileged class. After being captured by the French, he was released once Germany occupied France and although he was offered an officer’s position in the Wehrmacht, he declined this and began his military career at the same level as all his Walloon comrades.

Schmitt describes some of the vivid battles he was involved in, using quotes from the man himself pointing out the atrocious behaviour of the Bolsheviks and the incredible odds that they were fighting against in the ice and the snow. Despite being surrounded by slaughter, Degrelle still found the time to take note of the beauty that he saw in the natural surroundings around him and the valour of his comrades. His faith gave him him the strength of heart to continue, severely wounded on more than one occasion yet refusing to give in, Schmitt tells us of the medals that he won for his actions.

As well as narrating the story of his life, the documentary contains many pauses for discussion between Messerschmitt, Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise, as they each give their thoughts on what they have just heard.

Produced by Messerschmitt for Radio Aryan

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  1. Degrelle also was a close friend of Herge, the Belgian cartoonist that created the Tintin character based on Degrelle himself......