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SS Britannia: Jez Turner – The Jewish Inquisition


The above image is a joke. Please do not go out and gas Luciana Berger no matter how much you think she may deserve it for ruining the life of an innocent young man who did nothing more than laugh at her.

This week on SS Britannia Sven Longshanks and Subal are joined by Jez Turner from The London Forum to talk about the recent trial of free speech martyr Joshua Bonehill and to draw attention to some of the other political dissidents who are being criminalised for their opinions in Britain. Jez attended the trial and explains what happened in court, how the jury was weighted against Bonehill from the start, with 9 women and only 3 men. He was accused of harassing Luciana Berger, but not one piece of evidence was offered to show that he had ever personally even contacted her. Apparently you can harass somebody in the public eye just by writing more than 2 articles about them if they happen to be Jewish.

After discussing the Bonehill case, the conversation moves to the disgusting behaviour of politicians, particularly with reference to Pizzagate and how the media have been covering up for this, while at the same time linking thought-criminals with death threats and murder, when all they have done is sing funny songs or make funny images. The people in power have to be evil psychopaths to be doing what they are to us, of course they are not going to be bothered by the abuse of children by those high up in the establishment. It is far more important for them to try and blacken the character of Nationalists.

Evidence of a crime no longer seems to matter in court, it is rather like the old witch craft trials where it was enough to have somebody pointing the finger at you and calling you a witch to have you found guilty. The only difference today is that they dig around to find instances of you using racial vulgarities which seems to be enough to sway a jury that you must have been inciting racial hatred somewhere along the line and deserve to be punished.

There is a ray of sunshine however  among the dark clouds of ignorance shrouding Britain and Jez draws attention to a recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights declaring that nobody can be sacked for their political affiliations, after a BNP councillor was removed from his job as bus driver for being a member. This has set a precedent meaning that nationalists in Britain can now sue for damages if they have lost their job for political reasons.

Jez advises using the most technical language you can when describing the problems our race face, as it is then much harder for the enemy to claim you are a nasty racist who deserves to be locked up for using naughty words. Subal suggests people study to become barristers, while Sven finishes the show by questioning whether statutes banning certain words don’t infringe on our rights under common law anyway.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal with Jez Turner

SS Britannia: Jez Turner – The Jewish Inquisition – SS 121216


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