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SS Britannia: Kings and Heroes


Sven Longshanks and Subal present another episode of SS Britannia, looking at similarities between absolute monarchy and total fascism.

Subal starts by talking about how conspiracy theorists are always missing the ethnic component to the conspiracies they uncover. They point to the satanists, the globalists, the freemasons, the lizards and the illuminati, but what they really mean is the Jew. If you leave the Jew out, then the conspiracies do not make any sense, as why would our own people be doing this to themselves? The Jew has a hatred for White people that has many different sources and it is this hatred of us which is behind their subversion of our societies.

The traditional form of government that White people always had was monarchy and it was not until the Jew had infiltrated our aristocracy that our Kings started to lose their power. Subal draws our attention to the fear displayed in the Protocols of Zion for European Kings and explains why we need a strong man at the top answering only to God. The Jews thought that once they had neutralised our royal bloodlines they would have nothing left to fear, but they did not realise that in the absence of a King a hero will arise from the masses to take his place.

Adolf Hitler, Corneliu Codreanu, Benito Mussolini, these leaders all arose from among the common people and advocated for a total dictatorship with all the responsibility for the nation resting upon their shoulders. Fascism is monarchy but without the bloodline inheritance, although if the fascist states had continued surely it would be the sons of those leaders who would have been most fit to fill their father’s shoes. We see this kingship principle even arising in North Korea, which although it is a communist dictatorship is also a monarchy in all but name.

The best protection a nation has from the Jews is a strong alpha-male leader, which democracy is supposed to prevent from happening. A masculine leader will naturally be right wing and will not want to care for anyone who is not a part of his own ethnicity, whereas a feminine or female leader will have a mothering instinct which can be very damaging when it has no restraints put upon it, as we see happening in Germany at the moment. The Right is naturally masculine and empowers the father of the nation, but the Left is naturally feminine and takes power away from the fathers of the nation.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: Kings and Heroes – SS 120516


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  1. Absolutely Brilliant on adversaries and negators, King Longshanks!