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The Daily Traditionalist: Charity and Temptation


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for Thursday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and the first half of the show covers the fires that are currently raging in Appalachia. White people are being burned to death and their homes destroyed, yet there has been no mention of this on the news and Liberals have even been mocking and insulting the victims on Twitter. There has been no help provided for them by the Obama administration or the UN and instead, the shelters are all being paid for by local organisations. If this was happening in Pakistan, India or Haiti, the TV would be full of adverts asking for donations but because these victims are White, they do not appear to matter.

The TWP are organising volunteers to go and help out, but what is really needed is a charitable organisation specifically for White people. Every other ethnicity has one, but We do not. Nationalism is all about putting your people first and carrying out the instruction given to us by Christ to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. This means love your people, it does not mean neglect your people and give everything to the enemies of God. Charity begins at home and if each people would only look after their own, we would not have anywhere near the problems that we have around the world.

The second half of the podcast deals with pornography. Black Pigeon has recently made a good video on this subject, but there are lots of other issues involved with it that were not mentioned. Pornography distracts men so that they are more easily manipulated and it has even been used as a weapon of war by the Israelis in Lebanon. It has done more than anything else to desecrate sex so that it is no longer seen as a sacred act that propagates the race, but is now associated with hedonistic pleasure. While the men are busy masturbating, the borders have been breached and the invaders are flooding in.

Before the 20th century White men were all either married or celibate and many had no idea what masturbation even was, after all you don’t see many monkeys doing it in Europe. The subtle energy within man that has the ability to create life in his own image, was channelled instead into conquering new lands and building new civilisations. Now that the energy is regularly wasted while watching strangers screw prostitutes, our instincts have become dulled and our people are too distracted to see what is really going on. We have given up our lands in exchange for a cheap thrill.

Real strength lies in the ability to resist temptation and the pleasures of the flesh are the strongest temptations there are. If you can resist them then you will be the master of your own mind and able to direct it toward achieving what you really want, instead of what the flesh wants. The ability to resist this temptation is what separates us from the animals and the lower races and it gave our ancestors the will and the drive to build our civilisation in Europe and to conquer the new world.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Charity and Temptation – DT 120116


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