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The Daily Traditionalist: Fake News and Burka Bans


Matt Parrott joins Matthew Heimbach again for Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist recorded live in front of the New York Times. The first topic covered is Germany’s chief witch Merkel who has just announced a burka ban in a pathetic attempt to please German populists. This will not solve any of their problems, it will not stop Moslems from entering the country, all it will do is annoy a small portion of them. It shows that Merkel thinks this is a problem with Islamic ideology, rather than a problem caused by importing a completely foreign ethnicity into the country. Nothing she does will ever go against her fundamental drive to destroy her own nation.

France is the same, they complain that Moslems are not tolerant enough of faggotry, or they wont appear in the correct swimwear at the beach. The establishment tries to pretend it is just a problem with brown people not adjusting properly to western culture, yet most of the terrorists are 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants. They have already been brought up their entire lives in a secular country and all it does is make them identify as Moslem all the more, once they start questioning what it is that makes them different from the Europeans they live among.

Fake news is in the news again, since calling everything ‘hate’ appears to have failed, the establishment has taken a new tack by calling everything they dont like ‘fake news’. They have also been shutting down conversations on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit etc and this has been helping to drive everyone to the new independent platforms like Gab. The established news groups are trying to set themselves up as the arbitrators of what is fact and what is not, yet they have just spent the last year telling us Donald Trump would never be elected. The mainstream media is now looking as bad as Pravda did in 1933 saying there was no food shortage in the Ukraine.

Israel has been engaged in massive organ trafficking and the largest bust of a network of traffickers has just been caught in Egypt, yet if you bring this up you will be accused of spreading fake news. Since the start of the internet stories have appeared that challenge the mainstream narrative, but the difference now is the influence that these alternative news sites are having. The more the MSM draws attention to them by calling them fake, the more people will be clicking on them to see what is so false about them.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Fake News and Burka Bans – DT 120616


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