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The Daily Traditionalist: A Fanatic for his People


Jason Augustus joins Matthew Heimbach for the first Daily Traditionalist of the week and first subject discussed is the Italian referendum. It was a 60/40 result against the EU having more power in the country and it has resulted in the prime minister resigning. Matt explains the situation there and why this was a vote against the EU even when there was no mention of it on the ballot papers. Jason is Italian and he reminds us that the North and the South of the country both have fundamentally different cultures and history and ever since it became ‘Italy’ there has never been an Italian consensus, until now, with this referendum.

Next up is the Austrian election which saw Norbert Hofer lose by a far wider margin than he did in May. Matt thinks this was due to him moderating his message, he denied he was a radical, back-tracked on wanting to leave the EU and spent the last six months losing all the support that he had before. He went from being the Donald Trump of Austria to the Jeb Bush of the country. Unless you are extreme now you will not succeed, as there is no longer any support for the centre. 

The French elections are happening this year and already the establishment candidate on the Right is saying more radical things than Le Pen, who is supposed to be the Far Right candidate. She has moderated the Front Nationale’s message and alienated her core of young supporters who want a stop to all immigration. The more radical a party is on the Right, the more appeal they have to people who are sick of the establishment.

You dont get more extreme than President Duterte, who sent all criminals a warning last year at Christmas that they would be executed if they continued the drug dealing and the extortion. He carried out his threats and now he has a 98% approval rating. He has made it clear that he answers to no-one but his nation and his God, he is not accountable to Obama or the UN and this is how our White leaders need to be, they need to be fanatics for their people like Duterte is.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: A Fanatic for his People – DT 120516


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