The Daily Traditionalist: Frank Marlowe on Real Social Justice


Frank Marlowe joins Matthew Heimbach for the last Daily Traditionalist of the week. Frank lived in New York for many years but after getting red-pilled moved to Philadelphia. New York is a particularly hostile environment for Whites due to the diversity there as well as being very expensive. Growing up in a city like that you are always outnumbered by minorities and it is impossible to find or form a White community. The gun laws there also make it impossible to defend yourself if you are attacked by any of the hostile foreigners so Frank moved to a State that has less of these problems.

Most of the non-White advocacy groups in New York are being run by Jews and they are all concentrated on getting help for the worst kind of people. If you are White and hard working, there is no help for you. Preferential treatment is now given to non-Whites and perverts in every industry. Anti-White policies are everywhere and we have no White advocacy groups to speak for us and put a stop to this. Frank was looking for some inspiration after becoming disillusioned with Nordic Paganism and found ‘The Doctrine of Fascism’ which gave him a new lease of life and encouraged him to start doing the job of advocating for Whites himself.

Social justice is a word that has become so divorced from it’s original meaning that it is now the equivalent of a swear word, but social justice was originally associated with Fascism, not the Left. Frank feels that there is at least one positive thing that can be said about the social justice warriors, they are concerned about what is going on in society, the problem is that they are going about it the wrong way. There is no pride in being a victim, it is not something that should be celebrated, people need to overcome their weaknesses not demand that everyone make exceptions for them. The original social justice warrior was Father Coughlin, yet the SJWs are all anti-fascist. Frank explains how this is due to the Jewish influence in these circles, which has perverted it into something completely different to what was originally intended and is now directed at the very people who first came up with the idea.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Frank Marlowe

The Daily Traditionalist: Frank Marlowe on Real Social Justice – DT 120916

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