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The Daily Traditionalist: Hick-Shaming


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for Wednsday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about what Matt calls ‘hick-shaming’.This is the running down of the White working class for trying to better themselves. Millennials can no longer afford to buy their own houses due to a combination of anti-White policies such as importing cheap labour, usury in the banking system and allowing foreigners to purchase land and businesses. If you want to stand on your own two feet and do not want to be claiming welfare or benefits, then the only way to do so is to lower your expectations and live in a trailer. At least then you will still have your self esteem.

Matt describes how he was forced to provide for himself at a young age due to his political beliefs and this helped to develop his character and make him resourceful. He now owns a piece of land with his own trailer, alongside trailers belonging to other members of the TWP. Commenters in the US have tried to criticise him for this, which shows how false the Left are when they say they stand up for the worker.

It is not just the champagne socialists though, it is also the conservatives and Matt reads out an article from National Review that calls for White working class communities to be left to die. Apparently we do not earn enough money for the globalists so we should just do them a favour and die off. Matt points out that we are just seen as economic units by them, we are only valued by what profits they can make from us, whereas a Nationalist state would value us purely because we are it’s own flesh and blood.

Both the Left and the Right serve internationalist interests, it is Nationalism that is the true central position and it is only Nationalism that can fix the mess that we find ourselves in.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: Hick-Shaming – DT 121416


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  1. Matt! I could not agree more! It DOES built character. I loved seeing the picture of you and family. It took me years to develop as a person because I grew up in one of the wealthiest areas of the US AND in a different time than yourself. I know up close and personal just how different is what is going on now: IN a way it is saner, though. It is VERY difficult to operate knowing that 'something' is wrong - even my mother had some idea that it had something to do with the jews though we had a close relationship with one jewish family. But it TOOK YEARS for the truth to come out or become clear to me, and many experiences and temporary stopping places, one of which is orthodoxy. I ended up a sedevacantist because I couldn't see leaving the rosary and traditions. This last sentence or two isn't the point of the post. The point of the post is solidarity with you and your family, traditionalism, and to give kudos for your inclusive approach. If there is a way to get what I used to have in ITunes, which is ALL podcasts from around 2014, I wish I knew what it was! I deleted the ITunes link when I was so tremendously busy I couldn't listen. I tried writing to Sven but my note is awaiting moderation. Sven, GLampshade, and others are people I want to listen to in the earlier episodes because those episodes go into a lot of detail - even if it is familiar to me it is enormously strengthening to listen.

    God Speed, Matt...

    1. Matt,
      Just a comparative historic reference is that the Germanic Labor Unions pre-NSDAP were run by their Germanic jew infestation leading to them being misused against the Nationalist framework where all Germanic common folk (Including the factory owners) would mutually benefit. It's the identical pattern of misuse and corruption here in this country leaning to the decline in the unions that you cited. During the NSDAP (bringing-in National Socialism) Hitler's administration dissolved the dens of kosher narrative-projecting deception and criminality, and created a single Germanic-run state union that worked pretty damn good for the common-folk workers and the industrialists. They had so-much (initially, for the most part non-military) productive and socially-restorative work that they had to issue letters of recall to the retires. All this during the kosher internationalist-imposed (globalist) great resource-theft named the Great Depression and its corresponding domino-effect throughout Europa.

      Hail Victory!

    2. You should be able to go back by each weekend schedule and download whatever you want from the previous week.

      We lost the archive at the podcast feed when we had to change server, but all the podcasts are still in the other archive and are linked to here on the weekend schedules. Before then you would have to use the search function at Daily Stormer and there are also some re-edited versions of radio stormer at

      You could also try going through the archive at, but there are well over 2,000 there as it includes all the bootlegs as well.