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The Daily Traditionalist: Imaginary Far-Right Terrorists


Matt Parrott joins Sven Longshanks for the first Daily Traditionalist of the week to discuss the imminent banning of National Action for being a terrorist organisation. This subject will be debated in the Houses of Parliament on Wednsday and Thursday and if successful, the organisation could be banned on Friday. National Action have never advocated for illegal violence and have only ever used it to physically defend themselves in accordance with the law. This is in direct contrast to the group calling themselves Moslems in Britain, who not only have advocated for illegal violence but have actually chopped innocent people’s heads off in broad daylight and raped tens of thousands of young White girls.

The news that this travesty was happening was released on the same day that we learned of a new definition of ‘Anti-Semitism’ being adopted in the UK, making it illegal to not like Jews. This new definition means that even if you are expressing love of Jews, they could still decide you didn’t love them really and were secretly an Anti-Semite. The exact definition is this ‘A certain perception of Jews that MAY be expressed as hatred of Jews.’

This is what you get when you have women leading a country. No evidence has been offered to show that NA have any links with terrorists, Amber Rudd when interviewed said she was seeking to have them banned as terrorists simply because they were ‘homophobes, racists and anti-Semites’. If you want to help, the best thing you can do is raise the profile of this case and point out that no member of National Action has ever been charged with terrorism.

Ben Raymond had this to say on the subject:
NA will be a designated terrorist organisation this Friday. This measure is unprecedented - no peaceful protest movement has been proscribed in a western nation since the second world war. In three years no member of National Action has ever been charged with a crime for political activism, nor has anyone ever been arrested for a terror related offence. NA has since the beginning condemned the use of violence and terrorism.
This is anarcho tyranny - free reign for Islamic extremists and leftists to do whatever they want, tyranny for the law abiding masses.
Presented by Sven Longshanks and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Imaginary Far-Right Terrorists – DT 121216


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