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The Daily Traditionalist: Intimidation, Extortion and Misuse of the Law


Jason Augustus joins Matthew Heimbach for the last Daily Traditionalist of the year and they begin by wishing all the listeners a happy Christmas before talking about the Nordic Resistance Movement, who are currently having problems in Finland. Because a junkie started a fight with a member, lost the fight and then died a week later, the Helsinki police are trying to have the group banned. This comes just a week after the banning of National Action for sending tweets that the government didn’t like.

The Finland police recently left a handcuffed Resistance member in a car alongside a violent antifa subhuman, so that the antifa could beat him with no chance of him being able to defend himself. The Leftist has not been charged for this and neither have the police, yet they are trying to claim it is the Resistance who are violent. The establishment are trying to ban all legal opposition to them, which could end up forcing people to take the law into their own hands to deal with these traitors, instead of trying to do it lawfully through the political process.

Matt asks how many people have been affected by terrorism, rape, murder or muggings due to the diversity agenda. Everyone must know somebody who has been on the receiving end of violence from foreigners and the facilitators of these attacks against us are the traitor politicians. If the people speaking up for these victims are silenced, then there is no incentive left for open war not to break out in the streets.

As well as using laws meant for terrorist groups against us, the enemy is also going after our families, as we see with the attempted intimidation and extortion of Richard Spencer’s mother. The people doing this have made their addresses public as they were expecting to get support for their atrocious behaviour. Matt and Jason encourage everyone to let these pigs know how you feel about them, there is no need for threats of violence, just tell them what sort of lowlifes would do something like that.
Richard Spencer does a lot for us and he takes a lot of risks, so he deserves our support and solidarity in this.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Intimidation, Extortion and Misuse of the Law – DT 122316


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