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The Daily Traditionalist: Israel Bombs Syria Out of Spite


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for Wedsnday’s edition of The Daily
Traditionalist to talk about Israel bombing Syria today out of spite, because Assad and Putin have almost won Aleppo back completely. The West has lost in Syria and just does not know how to handle it and if this was any other country bombing another, it would be acknowledged as an act of war. International law is just a fiction created to justify the imperial aims of the globalist powers who won world war two, whenever it is one of those powers breaking the law it never gets condemned as such.

Matt points out that there was no contingency plan for a Trump presidency, so they are now throwing everything they have at Assad before January when he gets sworn in. He thinks they could be trying to create a quagmire for him to get bogged down in. Dr Johnson thinks they are trying to force Assad to reject Iran and move Hizbollah out of the area, which will be a great loss to Syria, but would mean Israel would have no excuse to bomb them.

Trad Worker has supported Assad for a long time, even holding benefit gigs to raise money for the Syrian people and Matt explains how there was a Leftist journalist who covered this, but he was confused as all he had heard was that Assad was a tyrant who gassed his people. Most of the mainstream media are completely unaware that there is another side to this as they have never heard the alternative view. They seem to be unable to think critically for themselves, to work it out that a president bombing his own people is nonsensical and would mean he was overthrown immediately.

Rather than entertain alternate views, they would rather just silence any dissent as they are unable to counter it with a coherent narrative of their own. Reddit, Twitter and Youtube are now shutting down accounts as they know they have to retain the monopoly on information if they want to stay in power. This is a Soviet style system, but people do not see it as such, because it is the private sector that is doing it to us and not the State.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Israel Bombs Syria Out of Spite – DT 120716


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