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The Daily Traditionalist: The Left Is All About Hate


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for Wednsday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and Matt begins the show by talking about recent threats his wife and family have been receiving from the Left. Once our enemies realise that we will not be bullied into silence, they often then go after our families and try threatening them. This is despicable behaviour, it is the sort of tactics that drug dealers and criminal gangs use in order to get their own way. Nationalists speak up for the best interests of their nation and the families of prominent Nationalists should be being thanked and honoured in their communities, not forced to sell up their houses.

The real hate all comes from the Left and the next subject covered is the supposed rise in hate crime. This has all been manufactured by the Left, partly by redefining hate crime to mean hate speech. It used to be that a violent crime was needed before it could be identified as a hate crime, but now it can be any form of criticism of a minority. Jewish funded groups offer rewards to people for reporting these so-called crimes and the police receive bonuses for achieving targets with them. One large organisation in Britain called Hope not Hate recently claimed that 25,000 people tweeted 50,000 tweets celebrating the murder of Jo Cox MP, in an attempt to smear Nationalists. This study of theirs has just been proven to be false by another Leftist organisation, The Economist, who say the figure was more like between 0 and 1500.

Matt points out how they also try to silence us online, by removing our ability to comment on mainstream sites and calling our own sites ‘fake news’. But what they really cannot stand is our critical analysis, it is not the facts themselves, but the way we present them that hits a nerve.

The British government are so keen to silence alternative voices that they just tried to force every internet company to keep a year’s worth of browser history for every British citizen. This is the equivalent of snooping on every private conversation in the country and it really shows just how desperate they are to keep a lid on things. Thankfully Sven finishes the podcast with some good news about this, the EU Court has just declared the snooper’s charter unlawful and the UK government will now have to withdraw it.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: The Left Is All About Hate – DT 122116


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  1. I'd be better if you didn't call them leftists. Words are weapons, please call them kosher-Marxists or kosher-communists so-as-to remove their narrative cover. Normies will more readily get, it and the kayaks will be more readily exposed.

  2. The pressure is meant to break up your family and get your wife to leave you. They did it to Commander Rockwell and most far right leaders since.