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The Daily Traditionalist: RIP National Action


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for Thursday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to discuss the recent guilty verdict for Lawrence Burns in a speech crime case and the banning of National Action as a terrorist organisation.

No evidence of incitement to racial violence was presented in Burns’ case, all that was needed for the jury to be convinced he was guilty was for the prosecutor to show that he was an ethno-nationalist. He has been told that they want to set a new precedent with his case and that he could be looking at an even longer prison sentence than Simon Sheppard received for publishing ‘Tales from the Holohoax’. They convicted Lawrence for having a different opinion and nothing else.

Sven also reads out a prepared statement from Ben Raymond, which shows a similar farce went on in parliament, where instead of presenting evidence of NA being terrorists, they just called them racists, nazis and homophobes and used instances where NA were violently attacked by the Left as reasons to ban them.

This flagrant flouting of the most basic of God given rights to hold your own opinion, is similar to the last desperate attack of a cornered rat. It represents the last resort of the regime to try and stop the Nationalist awakening in Britain. They will fail, as you cannot lock everyone up and the more that they try to the more risk they are taking that the idealists on the Left will start sympathising with the Right.

Now that they have got away with doing this to National Action, there is nothing to stop them moving on to Britain First next and then UKIP. People in those groups should be reconsidering their positions when they condemn the Alt-Right and the Far Right, as it will be them that the establishment go for next.

Ben Raymond’s quote in full:

On the 13th of December the group known as National Action was unilaterally disbanded. I now speak only for myself, but I can inform you of the steps that have been taken in wake of this tragic decision. Although legislation only covers promotion of the group, extensive steps have been taken to totally demobilise. I am very protective of my fellow National Socialists here in the UK, some of whom are quite young, and to me their safety is paramount. We cannot defend our homes, families, and people from a Jail cell.

The whole eyes of the world are on us ex-NA men wanting to know 'what is next', and they must be in no doubt that the organisational and leadership structure has been dismantled, as this can never be allowed to happen again.

This awful event was an enormous shock to all of us, this crackdown is unprecedented in any Western Nation. All that had been done to build up the brand; the art, the meetings, the stunts - swatted away in a day by an insignificant number of kvetching Jews and weak minded signalling politicians. Personally as an artist, to have all my artwork labelled terrorism has been perhaps the hardest pill to swallow.

The Debates have been a total charade consisting of "wow just wow". The entire narrative is a complete tissue of lies, National Action was a peaceful protest group, all of the allegations are lies sourced from invention and context denial that in no way reflected the positions and values of the group. This week we stood accused for every act of violence and public disorder that was inflicted upon us. Blatant satire of our opposition was all the evidence needed to legally equate us with Islamic State, although we don't get a 'so called' in front of our name. We held a mirror up to society and they struck us out for 'making them look ugly'.
The enemies of our people believed that they could use the power of the state to narrow the overton window, moving it back towards the Left when things were moving to the Right.

Just days away from being declared an enemy of the state, I have seen not a single man or woman flinch. I am so inspired by this bravery and dedication, that I know we will overcome this hardship with nothing but the strength of our hearts. The enemy used to mock the phrase "only bullets can stop us" because they cannot comprehend what it is like to hold a sincere belief, they are the very cattle that their masters claim they are.

We National Socialists are much smarter than all those who punch right ever give us credit for. To quote a man that I hate "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning"
Trust me fam, 2017 is going to be an interesting year on cuck island, this train has no brakes - Choo Choo.
My deepest gratitude goes out to Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks at Radio Aryan, I really appreciate the support that you and so many others have given me over the past year and especially this week – also a shout out to Andrew Anglin and Zeiger at Daily Stormer, and all the guys at TRS and IronMarch.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: RIP National Action – DT 121516


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