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The Daily Traditionalist: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and Matt begins by talking about the interview he gave to ITN yesterday, which seemed to revolve around Matt’s views on world war two. This subject is coming up a lot lately as it was the last time in living memory that Nationalism was on the rise and we actually had Nationalist governments in power. Dr Johnson explains that it was because of the lies told about the war that he became a historian, he knew that it would be difficult and a struggle, but if you tell the truth you have a clear conscience. In 1999 when he was interviewed by Willis Carto, Willis said that the world we have today is the way that it is because Hitler and Nationalism lost the war to Communism and globalism. Dr Johnson believes Hitler lost the war because of Erich Koch’s treatment of the Slavs, who had originally wanted to help Germany.

Matt highlights how important it is to translate the books that were written in that era into English, so that we get to hear both sides of the story. This is relevant to the situation today in Syria, where we are told Assad is a dictator yet in the eastern media you can read of how he has the support of over 85% of the Syrian people. It is not so much that the media deliberately lies, they just don’t know any better because they don’t ever hear any opposing view. Critical thinking no longer exists and because of the power of repetition, lies such as Assad gassing his own people have made it into recent academic history books.

Aleppo could finally be declared liberated at any moment from the foreign fighters there claiming to be Syrian and if any real Syrians have been aiding and abetting these terrorists, then they fully deserve to be hanged for their crimes. These are the only people who have anything to fear over there, not genuine Syrian citizens of Aleppo. The rebels have been claiming that ‘journalists’ are going to be lynched by the Syrian army, but these liars on the side of the terrorists have shown themselves to be far more dangerous than any weapon system that they might have.
At least if you are telling the truth then you will have a clear conscience, even if you are persecuted for doing so. If you tell lies that cause thousands of people to be killed like these fake journalists have, then you have nothing to take comfort in. You can tell the truth and shame the devil or you can tell lies and bring the shame on yourself. 

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil – DT 121316


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  1. Good show. We need organizations like the Trad Workers Party. However as E Michael Jones says Ethnos needs Logos. God Bless and Merry Cgristmas.