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The Daily Traditionalist: Trump’s Victory Lap


Matt Parrott joins Matthew Heimbach for the last Daily Traditionalist of the week to discuss Donald Trump’s victory lap and his most recent speech. It is highly unusual for the president elect to do this and a large part of his appeal is the way that he is breaking with media convention. Paul Ryan has been trying to lecture him about the constitution, desperate to preserve the balance of power but he has now become nothing but a sideshow. Trump has a direct connection with the people that bypasses the media and what goes on in Congress will now be known by the populace.

The new dynamic of American politics is not beholden to the constitution, it is about authoritarianism and getting things done. The youthful generation are rapidly transitioning into fascism, believing democracy to be gay and ineffectual. Trump is doing for them exactly what he promised he would, before he is even in office he is providing employment opportunities for the working class and because of this the Liberal media has suddenly taken a strong concern for fiscal conservatism and the need for corporations to be unregulated.

Trump has already been using his influence to shame companies into not moving abroad and it is the threat of him using Twitter to do this that is helping. Twitter have been talking about banning him, which would make them look really ridiculous if they actually carried out this threat. Just what words is it that they are objecting to anyway? Hate speech words are changing all the time. Other communities such as Moslems and Blacks get to define their own standards on social networking sites, but Whites are especially singled out for censorship because our ideas have the power to drive a stake through the heart of the globalist vampire.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Trump’s Victory Lap – DT 120216


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  1. Bit concerned Trump has put Magic Ben in charge of housing. Worry about the future of section 8 being in the hands of a dindu.