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The Daily Traditionalist: We Are the Good Guys


Jason Augustus joins Matthew Heimbach for the first Daily Traditionalist of the week and the Russian ambassador to Turkey has just been shot by a radical Islamist police officer (pictured) who shouted ‘Aleppo’ as he was firing. Turkey has been trying to play multiple sides off against each other, supporting the rebels one minute and Russia the next. They shot down a Russian plane, then apologised and sucked up to Putin and now they have tried to assassinate his ambassador. Matt hopes Putin will retaliate and the Turks will finally get some payback for their crimes.

Turkey is supposed to be our ally, so all the bad treatment of Christians by them gets glossed over. They also hijacked the central cathedral of Christendom, desecrated it and turned it into a mosque yet nobody is taught about this. Erdogan has been threatening to flood Europe with Arab refuse and the EU bends over and offers them blackmail money to not do it. Matt thinks the Turks may finally have over-reached themselves with this and it could be a government sanctioned hit against the Russian politician in retaliation for helping Syria. If it was, then Putin will find out about it and there will be consequences for them at last.

We might let criminals off in the west, but leaders like Putin and Duterte will not stand for this. They put their nations first and know the importance of people seeing the criminals be punished. You wont see articles in the New York Times about the victims of the drug gangs, all you will hear about is how Duterte is killing innocent criminals in the Philippines and Putin is killing the innocent children of ISIS in Aleppo. But Putin and Duterte are the good guys and it doesn’t matter how the media tries to spin it, people are starting to realise this truth. Whether it is us marching in Europe or Duterte gunning down drug dealers in Asia, we are all fighting against the same enemy.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: We Are the Good Guys – DT 121916


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