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Truth Will Out Radio: Censorship


Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise present an episode of Truth Will Out Radio devoted entirely to censorship. Starting with a message from Jez Turner urging us to send Christmas cards to prisoners of war, the two hosts then go through the various ways that the system seeks to censor us as Dennis recently had Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told removed from Youtube once again. This was carried out under the excuse of copyright violation, but it was really after a critic failed to find any other way to discredit it.

If they are unable to remove the content, then our enemies will try to remove our ability to receive funds or make transactions through pressuring payment processors like Paypal, LibraPay or Patreon. They will threaten to expose these companies for supporting hate and try to starve us into silence. This does not just happen to alternative media sites, mainstream ones like Breitbart and the Daily Mail have also recently been hit by advertisers such as Kelloggs and Lego withdrawing their funding in attempts to force them to lie about immigrants in their news stories.

The more support we get for our cause, the more the calls for censorship increase as the Left desperately tries to silence even the mildest of disagreement with globalism. There have been calls to ban Donald Trump from Twitter and even the Trump sub-Reddit has been shut down, when he can hardly be called an extremist. Dennis explains what happened to him when he went on Reddit and how they tried to hide the votes his documentary received, in an effort to keep it from hitting the monthly top spot.

Even the social pressure to conform contributes to keeping people silent, as we automatically self-censor our own thoughts to avoid stating forbidden words and concepts. It is obvious that Negroes are different to us, yet most White people will lie to themselves and claim that the difference is only skin deep, even while dogs are barking and babies screaming at the presence of one of these creatures.

The internet has given us a great chance to avoid censorship, but it is being handed over from America to the UN. Hopefully this will not mean an end to free speech on the net, as so long as there is at least one country that still protects it our propaganda will still be available. America does not look like it’s going to do away with the right to disagree any time soon, so we should be safe for the time being and the more the Left throws tantrums about it, the more they drive normies into our open arms.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Censorship – TWOR 120216


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