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Truth Will Out Radio: Gunther Prien in Weimar Germany


Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt present another episode of Truth Will Out Radio, this week looking at U-boat captain Günther Prien and the Weimar republic. Schmitt begins by telling us about his early life and how he always wanted to be a sailor. After managing to get enough money for basic training, he goes on his first voyage and is surprised at the high level of discipline required, so much so that the other students were unable to put up with it. After this we hear how he was unable to get work due to it being in the Weimar period and he eventually volunteers for the work detail, where he juts gets paid in food and lodgings.

Dennis explains that in the Weimar republic the number of vessels Germany was allowed was limited, so it was not surprising he could not find work. Due to the Versaille treaty and the Jews involved in the banking system, there was rampant inflation. This meant that anyone from outside of Germany would be a rich man in Berlin, but the Germans themselves were at the poverty level. The international Jews took great advantage of this, buying up real estate and defiling the German girls forced into prostitution just to earn enough for a crust of bread.

Schmitt tells us how one young lad was reduced to stealing a leg of ham from the work detail in order to sell it so that his mother could receive medical care. Dennis tells us of new depths of depravity that the Germans were forced to endure at this time, with mother and daughter prostitute teams, groups of pregnant whores for rich Jews to take their pick from and child prostitutes. Sven draws attention to the Wikipedia entry for the time, which calls this a ‘golden age of culture’ for Germany.

Schmitt finishes the podcast by reminding us that the lesson we should learn from this is that no matter how bad it gets, it can still be put right if you can get a man in power with the will to put it right. It took a very short time for Hitler to get Germany back to work and to put a stop to the whore industry and the same could be done today, if we had the right leader. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Dennis Wise and Messerschmitt

Truth Will Out Radio: Gunther Prien in Weimar Germany – TWOR 122316


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