Aryan Esoterica: Archetypes, Avatars, Hitler and Sex

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Sven Longshanks presents the third episode in a series of five looking at the subjects covered in Miguel Serrano’s Hitler The Ultimate Avatar, this week explaining the difference between the archetype and the avatar, whether Serrano really believed Hitler to be Vishnu and whether or not his marriage to Eva Braun was genuine. Along the way we also look at the different attitude towards animals that the other races have and some incidents of cannibalism among Jews.

Hitler’s views on Japan and the atomic bomb are also discussed and how the Japanese failed us by refusing to declare war on Russia when Germany had declared war on America after Pearl Harbour. Evidence is shown for White people being in Japan and China before the current mongoloid civilisations were formed and similarities between Asians and Mulattoes are pointed out. Spiritual differences between Aryans and Jews are highlighted again, this time the Jews hatred of beauty and how this shows itself in their promotion of degenerate art.

The importance of virtue and celibacy to early Aryan civilisation and the Germanic tribes is discussed and reference is made to the theory in Rosenberg’s Myth of the 20th Century, that the influx of dark races into a society brings with it sexual degeneracy. Fertility cults and phallus worship goes hand in hand with infant sacrifice and some instances of this are mentioned.

The last part of the podcast quotes extensively from E Raymond Capt’s Biblical Antiquities series to show why the book of Genesis can be used as a historical record and offers proof that it was not handed down orally, but on clay tablets dating back 2,000 years before Moses. This is in preparation for the next episode where we will be looking at the origins of the Jews and some of the earliest White nations in Mesopotamia, Asia Minor and India.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Esoterica: Archetypes, Avatars, Hitler and Sex – AE 011917

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