Aryan Esoterica I: Odin, the Runes, Gnosticism and Christ - AE 010517 - Radio Aryan


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Aryan Esoterica I: Odin, the Runes, Gnosticism and Christ - AE 010517

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Sven Longshanks presents a new five part scripted series looking at the worldview described in Miguel Serrano’s Hitler The Ultimate Avatar. Serrano saw Hitler as more than the archetypal hero, he saw him as a possible avatar of Vishnu, holding back the forces of evil. His book brings together components of Norse Pagan mythology, Aryan Hindu theology and National Socialism, but he missed many of the correlations with Christianity and this series of podcasts will be concerned with finding common ground between them.

Sven summarises the book in the first episode and then looks at the symbolism behind Odin sacrificing himself on the world tree and being rewarded with the Runic alphabet. Odin was not the first god to sacrifice himself, the principle of sacrifice lies at the root of all Aryan religions but he was the first to discover the runes. Serrano also found something out about the runes, they are a reflection of yoga positions, channelling the subtle energies around the body and enhancing them.

Serrano believed the Aryan was capable of extra-natural abilities due to an extra nerve bundle that the other races do not have that could be activated by rune mudras. There are substances which the body can synthesize which are known to produce heightened states and we do know that Blacks are incapable of doing things like dowsing, so this is feasible and Sven describes an example of something similar happening before asking whether this ability might have been naturally switched off due to the risk involved.

Interbreeding with the other races would obviously shut the ability down in White people, but breeding with Whites is a positive experience for Blacks, as it raises their IQ and makes them less ugly. Sven finishes the podcast by describing some of the lesser known differences between the White and Black races that really should make race-mixers alarmed at what they are doing.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Esoterica: Odin, the Runes, Gnosticism and Christ – AE 010517


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