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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – 2016 Wrap-Up Show


It's hard to believe but 2016, one of the most amazing years in memory, is already in the books. This is the 2016 Thoughts of the Day wrap up show though and after a week of consideration of how this show should look, Grandpa Lampshade decided the one thing he didn't want to do was to make it some sort of "best of" compilation because that would be boring and we don't do boring. Instead, Grandpa poured out a cup of coffee and invites you to come sit around while we reflect upon the year that was 2016, the big things that happened and are still happening and look ahead toward 2017 and some of the things he has planned for the new year.

First up, if you are talking about 2016 then of course the big news item of the year was the election of Trump for President. Just think about it: a year ago we were all laughed at for saying that Trump could win. We were told over and over again that there was no way he could win. Why, it was Jeb Bush's turn to lose, after all. Even right up until election night we were told that it was just a formality and Hillary was practically already in the Oval Office. Even after we ignored and blew up the (((media's))) predictions, they still have not accepted the fact that their control of the narrative and the public discourse is collapsing. Grandpa reflects not only on this great happening, but also looks at it in the context of what is still going on even today while you listen to this show.

Grandpa takes a few moments to take a look at the amazing strides we have made with our movement. It can be hard to see sometimes because we get so focused on the moment but if you look at things with a broader perspective, we have made great leaps forward. Just look at the things that normies are now openly saying that they never would have just a few short years ago. Why is that? Because of us. We have pushed what is considered to be acceptable public discourse multiple times further to the right than it has ever been before. So what do we do now? Do we stop now and start moderating what we do? Of course not, now is the time to stay the course and keep pushing things to the right. GPL points out that if our enemies are advising us to take certain actions (in this case moderate our message) it's a pretty good clue that the correct course of action is to press on with what is working. After all, it's not like our enemies have our best interests in mind.

Continuing to look at changes in the office of the presidency, Grandpa takes a look at the monkey king's actions as he heads through his final months and now weeks, in office. Why is he doing this? Making major moves such as sanctions against Russia when he is about to leave office is virtually unprecedented in American political history. Yet, we have Obama basically trying to box Trump in to keep him from normalizing relations with Russia, even though it would be in everyone’s interests to have good relations with them. So why is he doing this? As is so often the case, when things are happening that make no sense, if you take a moment to view them though the lens of race, they come to make quite a bit of sense. Grandpa has us step back for a moment and reflect on all these haphazard actions that Obama is taking, from upsetting Jew Israel over the UN resolution to provoking the Russians and gives us a clearer perspective after looking at it through the lens of race.

After that Grandpa takes a moment to discuss something that he posted on his blog a few days ago, which is the fact that National Socialism is much more within our reach than many of us may think. Now, this may seem silly, but take a moment to reflect on the fact that systems change all the time. The current American political system doesn't look anything like the one that was set up in the 1700's. Likewise, the Chinese have adapted and adjusted their Communist system to make it sustainable. The fact is, if you look at many of Trump's popular positions and policies they are National Socialist at their core. The Jews know this, that's why that hate it so much. No we're not going to get Swastika flags (although that would be awesome) but we must remember that what matters is that in the end we get what we want, in this case a National Socialist based government. Will it happen overnight? No but we are pushing things in that direction and if we don't cuck out and we keep pushing as we have been, we can realistically attain this goal.

Grandpa then looks back at some of the fun things that have happened on Thoughts of the Day. We've had amazing co hosts from time to time on the show and the highlight of the year in this regards has to have been David Duke. Dr. Duke is an amazing person and when you listen to him it becomes so clear why the Jew-run media works non-stop to demonize and marginalize him. If he were allowed any time to openly address the American people then the entire fake persona that these kikes have built up of who David Duke is would be blown out of the water within minutes. This is an exceptionally smart and well spoken man who has worked tirelessly for the cause for decades.

Looking forward, Grandpa plans to keep tweaking Thoughts of the Day to improve it. In the near term, GPL has a few things in mind, one of which will be coming in the next few months that he guarantees we are going to love. This will be something that involves listeners even more, because the show has always been about the listeners. Grandpa wants to take his time and be sure that he has thought this next feature through though, so it goes off without a hitch, but bear with him because you are going to really like it.

Next up is the always fun and always popular listeners questions and comments segment. You may not always like the answers you get, but you will always get some sort of answer from Grandpa Lampshade. First up is via Radio Aryan chat and Okuma asks GPL to expand on the topic of our demographic crisis. This subject is at the forefront of a lot of people's minds because we are literally watching us be replaced right before our very eyes in what was once our own countries. It is important to turn this negative trend around, but Grandpa does have some hard facts to share with us that are not meant to be black pills, but are just hard reality.

Next question comes via Daily Stormer and Landsknecht Kebab Removalist is enjoying trolling on Discus comments but is worried that he may be spending too much of his precious time having fun and perhaps is not being effective as he could be. At what point does having fun take a back seat to accomplishing more? GPL discusses the fact that having fun and enjoying what you do go hand in hand with being the most effective. Grandpa spends a lot of the hours on one of his few days off each week from his normie job working on this show, posting on Gab and writing articles for his blog. If he wasn't enjoying it and having fun, he wouldn't be as effective nor able to put out as much content as he does. You have to enjoy what you are doing to be the most effective. Grandpa advises to simply keep your goals in mind and as long as you are working towards those goals then keep at it.

2016 is now in the books and 2017 promises to be an even crazier ride. The one thing you can count on as we speed off into the new year is that whatever comes our way and whatever happenings happen we will be talking about them right here, on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – 2016 Wrap-Up Show – GL 010317


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