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Time flies by when you're having fun and thus, it's already been another week and it's already time for another edition of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day. Grandpa Lampshade has put together a fun and informative episode for you this week and why not, this past week has been full of winning. The show starts off as always by acknowledging the sponsors and Grandpa takes this opportunity not only to thank them, but also to give a brief explanation of the motives behind adding the sponsorship option to begin with. The bottom line is that things will continue to get more and more challenging for us as we move forward, as our enemies are now recognizing us as a real threat and they will be taking more and more aggressive actions in trying to shut us down. Make no mistake, when they try to get you fired from your normie job, their ultimate goal is to shut down the work you are doing for our cause and to send a message to others to shut up, stay quiet and not oppose the Marxist system. In the end, it doesn't matter if you are fully aware of what they are doing, if you can be prevented from speaking the truth then you are just as much under submission to their control and their agenda as the mindless sheep out there patiently waiting for their multicultural utopia to appear.

Grandpa has been hinting for a few weeks now about a new feature coming to the show and this week, he rolls it out. We are introducing a listener topics segment to the show. GPL has been working on this for awhile, trying to think it through and work out exactly what this will look like and now it is ready to go forward. In short, this will involve you the listeners writing up a summary of a topic you would like to discuss, emailing to a special email address gpltopics@gmail.com and if your topic is chosen you will record a segment with Grandpa Lampshade to be aired on Thoughts of the Day. All of the details are in the show so be sure to listen and think about what it is you would like to sit down and discuss with the living Lampshade.

After that, it is back onto the discussion of specifics, as in specific policies that we as a movement support and believe in. Again, this is not something we can chisel in stone and make the law of the land, so if you disagree on this don't get your jimmies too rustled. It is however very important that we start discussing where we stand on specific issues for the simple fact that if we don't do that our enemies will continue to make up specific things that they think we stand for and hang them on us, whether we actually believe in those things or not. For this week's specifics segment, we look at war and the use of the military. If there is one thing that defines us, it's that we are realists. We see the world for what it is and even though it would be nice if there were no such thing as war that's just not how the world works. You have to have a strong military and there are times when war is necessary. Grandpa believes war is something that should only be fought for self defense. One of the scare tactics our opponents use against us is that if we were to come to power, we would want to start huge wars in some sort of weird attempt to rule the world, when the reality is that all of the wars that we have seen in the past decades have been started by the Left. It is not us who have ventured off into the Mid East to wage war on behalf of the Jews in Israel. It is not us who have claimed it to be our mission in life to spread democracy to the third world via bombing their wedding parties, it's the Left. Grandpa goes into some detail on this and clears the air on what he believes is or at least should be our position on when to go to war and when to use the military.

We are just over a week into the new Trump Administration and already we are seeing a flurry of action. This is like nothing we've seen before. By announcing so many different policy initiatives all at once, Trump is forcing the Left to try and react to all of them. Rather than being able to focus their attacks on one issue in order to stymie it, they are running around being outraged about multiple things all at once and all of this outrage winds up sounding like nothing but white noise in the background to the masses. It is absolutely brilliant. Though we are only into the first week, this is very encouraging seeing him run circles around these people. It also appears Trump intends to force the media to strip themselves of whatever little shred of credibility they may have had left and cause them to implode, which is great. There is nothing wrong with having a free press, Grandpa Lampshade has no problem with a free press but the problem is that the establishment media isn't a free press, they are a propaganda wing of the Marxists. If you think about it, the actual free press is found at places such as The Daily Stormer. The only real investigative journalism that is happening is happening with citizen journalists who are doing things such as investigating the #PizzaGate issue.

With that in mind, let's hope that the real free press, people like us, will remain protected and that these fake media outlets that are nothing more than propaganda organs for the Jews are scrapped and burned to ashes.

Winning is addictive and if there is one thing we're enjoying right now, it's this winning thing. We are energized, that it is our side at last who has the momentum so let's keep that momentum going and let's keep pushing forward. Don't forget to be thinking about the topic you would like to sit down and discuss with Grandpa Lampshade and get them sent in, because this new feature will be a lot of fun. In this era of winning we will never be short of things to talk about and rest assured, we will be talking about them right here, on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – The Era of Winning – GL 013117

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