Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Free From Obama!


Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day, is back with the first post African Occupational Government edition. That's right, we are finally free of Obama! The mood in every corner of the non-pozzed part of the country is euphoric. While the left is in meltdown and showing their true colors for all to see by rioting and throwing nation wide temper tantrums, the rest of the country feels as though they now have a voice again. Trump gave an excellent speech Friday which was well received all across the nation and of course, the Jews likened it to the Holocaust. Well, what a surprise, we never could have seen that coming. Antifa(g) are doing their part of course by rioting, burning cars, assaulting people and destroying private property. Isn't it funny? When four Nazis get together over coffee to discuss how to stop these kikes we hear all about how it is somehow equal to death threats and fake shower rooms with bug spray, yet the only actual violence we see is always from the Left. From stupid feminist marches to antifa(g) assaults, there is one common denominator that you can rest assured will always be present in each and every case: it's funded, orchestrated and directed by Jews.

Speaking of the actions of the Left, we need to understand that we are in a war. Granted, it's not an open shooting war but we are engaged in political warfare. As such, it is imperative that we recognize enemy action when it takes place. We are starting to see more and more open antagonism from them and we must view it for what it is. When we observe enemy action taking place, we need to be figuring out what they are trying to achieve and what they are trying to get us to do. Do not get baited into making a move that will work in the enemy's favor. You can bet, if you have an emotional reaction to the enemy you will be helping them out and more than likely sabotaging yourself. It is time to get very serious here. The enemy is moving past the dismissing us phase and are now beginning to feel really threatened by what we are doing. As such we need to understand that they will be coming at us very hard. These people aren't playing a game here and neither are we.

Continuing where we left off last week on the discussion about specifics and the actual concrete policy positions that we hold, this week we move into a discussion about usury. We had a lot of great responses to last week's show and there were many good positions put forward that will end up being talked about, as this line of discussion continues in the coming weeks. Interest, the Federal Reserve and fractional reserve banking must be absolutely abolished. Many people are taken aback by this as it seems like such a radical position to take, since the entire global economy is based on these Jewish usury schemes. However it is doable and has been done before in the past. Economies have not always been based on theft and the fact of the matter is, this current system has just about played itself out anyway. It's time to discuss what sort of financial system we set up in the aftermath of the current system that is collectively draining us all for the benefit of the (((very few))) collapsing.

Moving into listeners questions and comments, first up via Daily Stormer we have Schlomo Sheckleberg who has seen the correlation between what we are currently doing and Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. Even though he was a Leftist, Alinsky was one of the founders of fourth generation political warfare, so it is only natural that we ourselves have wound up adopting many tactics that coincide with what he preached back in the day. The tactics are not the objective though, so this doesn't equate to a contradiction for us in that many of our tactics rhyme with what Alinsky preached. Grandpa describes Alinsky implementing his strategy to illustrate how it looks a lot like what we do and why these things are effective when it comes to fourth gen political warfare.

Next up is a question from one of our sponsors WWPearson also via Daily Stormer who asks why so many in the Alt-Right seem hesitant to discuss things that fall into the realm of "conspiracy" and why that is. From Grandpa Lampshade's perspective there are conspiracies and then there are conspiracies. You have things that are an obvious government lie such as 911 which the Jews were neck deep in, all the way up to stuff that is so far out there they make you look ridiculous when you bring them up. GPL tries to speak the truth as best he can with the information he has, whether some call that conspiracy or not. The secret here is to not keep chasing rabbit trails to the point where that's all you're doing and you begin losing credibility by making yourself look foolish.

Next week there are plans to discuss some of the new additions to the show, so we can look forward to that and with so many happenings going on right now there is no doubt that we are going to be just swamped with things to talk about, things to think about and things to discuss and what better place for that than right here, on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Free From Obama!

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