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Starting this week on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day, we are going to begin talking about the specific policies that we are advocating for. One of the reasons people can mischaracterize what we hope to accomplish or what we ultimately plan to achieve, is because we do not speak openly about specifics often enough. This week's show begins a series discussing the specific policies and principles that we all stand for when it comes to our actual political philosophy.

We have talked before about the fact that what we ultimately get will not be called National Socialism, so with that in mind, Grandpa starts thinking about other ways we can market and present our political philosophy so we can then sell it to the people. What is important here is achieving our goals, in this case actual hard policies and to do that, we need to be clear as to exactly what those goals are. Since this is the first instalment of the series, we will be discussing our actual starting point, the very foundation of our political philosophy. This would have to be that to have a high trust modern civilization you must have White nations. Although this may be obvious to those of us already helping the cause, we should also consider the others out there who understand this on some level or another, but are not yet willing to state it openly. The starting point for a discussion on specifics then is this easily observable fact, the reality that if you want to live in a civilized modern nation, it must be a White nation.

Moving on to other news, Grandpa discusses the dust up this week with Meryl Streep at an awards ceremony that he didn't watch, for actors he doesn’t care about, patting each other on the back for having the same political opinions that we disagree with. This is a perfect example of how self absorbed these people are. Streep actually stated that if not for Jews running Hollywood, we wouldn't have an entertainment industry. As though we White people are not capable of creating great content. The irony intensifies when you consider that 99.99% of all of the content on American TV and in American theaters is total and utter crap. Not only would we have no problem having an entertainment industry minus these people, the quality of the entertainment would increase to the point that those of us who simply want to watch TV as a distraction to relax and be entertained, would not have to be watching Korean dramas and Japanese sub titled anime instead.

For the final segment, we get a discussion on the rule we have against calling for violence. Both on Grandpa’s blog and in these shows, as well as with Andrew's policy at the Daily Stormer, we go to great lengths to make sure that we are not advocating for violence to achieve the political change that we seek. Everyone must understand the reason why this is so. However from time to time we see folks making comments to the effect that we are somehow like a bunch of peace loving hippies or something. Just look at the amount of effort our enemies go through to try and choke out the Daily Stormer through limiting fund raising ability. What do you think would happen if we gave them the opportunity to declare us all as being a part of some sort of terrorist organization or something? At the very least we would not have our platforms anymore and at the worsst, we would all be bunking up in a Federal prison somewhere.

There are no listeners questions and comments this week but there will be plenty of things to think about and discuss next week. Look forward to it right here at Radio Aryan, on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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