Radio Free Northwest: Alphas, Betas and Hitler


Harold Covington presents a new episode of Radio Free Northwest featuring just himself, talking about some particularly important topics. People have to bear in mind that these podcasts are not just listened to by Nationalists, but also by hostile agencies. This prevents Harold from being able to talk openly about some activities, as this could endanger others in the North West Front. People expect to see results, yet to talk about the results could mean revealing them to the enemy.

If Harold was only Hitler or George Lincoln Rockwell, people think we would have our republic by now. But we cannot just blame Harold for this, a large portion of the White Nationalist movement are still very egotistical and materialistic, thinking more about what they can get for themselves, rather than what they can do for their people. The reason there are no crowds, no buildings and no picnics, is because he has been unable to convince us all to move there. This is a shared problem and until he becomes electric like Hitler, or until enough of us go there with money and bodies, this situation will continue.

If we do not have the courage and character to start a revolution or even just to move to the North West, we could at least be contributing financially. Money is the equivalent of power in the world that we now live in. There is enough to keep the podcast, the sites and the admin going, but not much left over after those living expenses are gone. The criticism that has been laid at Harold’s door, is that he is not exciting enough to inspire us. He does however have more experience in Nationalist and National Socialist activism than probably anyone else left alive  and he needs people to pass that on down to. 

Like everywhere else, most American males are beta and each generation they increase. They have always made up 95% of the population and there will always be a need for them, but they are not able to take on the all-important leadership roles. We need Alpha males to get to the Northwest and start receiving their instruction for these roles and we need the betas to be funding it. We do what we do not for money, but because we know that what we do is right, but we do still need the money first, in order to cover these costs.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: Alphas, Betas and Hitler – RFN 012617

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