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Harold Covington starts this new episode of Radio Free Northwest by reminding us of the talk he gave last week, about no deception being tolerated in leaders in the movement. Particularly no race-mixing. After a brief digression into the despicable nature of doxing and the motives behind it, he reminds us that the doxing itself is only as dangerous to you as you have allowed it to be. If you have a wife, children, family or Jews in the closet, it can be far more harmful than if it is just you.

Other times doxing can be a useful service, if someone happens to be wearing a mask and is not what they seem, as in the case of Mike Enoch. This sort of thing happens time and time again, because we do not scrutinise the leading voices enough. All the problems with the character issue from decades back are still here with us.

Gretchen reviews Alan De Benoist’s ‘The Indo-Europeans – In Search of the Homeland’ this week. It looks at various theories from back when we tried to fit them all in with the Bible, to the modern Anatolian hypothesis. This one is questioned by the author, as he feels the terrain was too mountainous and a different climate back then to what it is today. We know they had chariots and horses, but the Anatolian theory suggests they were farmers rather than nomads. We do hear in the Norse sagas that Odin came to Europe from Anatolia though.

We also get to hear about the Kurgan culture and how it is actually a series of different cultures in different time frames and may not really be linked together. It was the Scythians that really look like they had a shared culture, but there are also some historians who posit a paleolithic origin. The original Whites knew metal working and bred livestock though, so really we just have 2 competing theories. One deals with the Black and Caspian sea, which is born out by linguistics , or we can say the Rhine and the Volga, which has archaeological evidence but no linguistic evidence. Finally we also have the arctic theory, which relies upon the astrology of the Vedas to place the origin in the Arctic.

Comrade Jay makes an appearance, with more on his conversation on race and Harold returns to finish the podcast with his thoughts on the tragedy of Dylann Roof.

Presented  by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: In Search of the Homeland – RFN 011917

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