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Radio Free Northwest: The Welt Feind

Karikatur-Die-Welt-muss-von-der-Furcht-befreit-werden (2)

Harold Covington presents the first Radio Free Northwest episode of the new year and starts by admitting that he still doesn’t know what is going to happen once Trump is sworn in. He does know that he is not particularly impressed with Steve Bannon though, as he has ‘soft hands’ and has never suffered for any cause. He has never lost anything for being a dissident, yet seems to get all the credit for being one in the mainstream media. He does not bear the marks of the suffering White male and he is not one of us.

Two important promises that Trump made were the wall and the investigation of Hillary Clinton and if he back peddles on these, we will know we’ve been had. Trump may be shaping the policies, but the Liberal establishment will still be just as ubiquitous as before, so it’s all the better that we now have a new name for them thanks to Harold, the welt feind, or world fiend, which was a National Socialist term for the world enemy.

After giving us a pep talk on our window of opportunity, Harold introduces Gretchen who takes a break from her usual book reviews to bring us the shocking news that she lost her job due to her concern for what Germany is going through under the Merkel regime, or maybe for supporting Trump. Either way, it was for her political opinions.

Secret Agent shenanigans follow, as we learn about a mestizo agent who had a paranoid fit and went wild with his firearm while drunk at a fitness centre. But how will he be able to do his job now that he has been banned from carrying a weapon?

Comrade Jay gets a section again to finish off the podcast and this week he is having a conversation about race.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: The Welt Feind – RFN 010417

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  1. The German word 'Feind' is properly pronouned as the English 'find'. The 2nd vowel i takes the sound. Correct English pronunciation of Weltfeind would be 'Veltfind'. German W is as English V. Great show Harold! :)
    -Jackie in Tacoma