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Radio Free Northwest: You Never Know Who You Are Talking To


Harold Covington presents a new episode of Radio Free Northwest and starts with a look at the way we are defining new linguistic terms for ourselves, like red-pill, monkoid and ZOG. After that he talks about the importance of verifying that people interested in the NWF are genuine. On the internet, you never know who you are talking to, but at least we will soon be able to speak to Harold again on a call-in show, as he has one planned for the near future.

After this we get a reminder us of why we cannot ever tolerate movement modernisation. No buggery, no yellow fever, no scent of gefilte fish in the family tree none of that is acceptable. Nationalism is about following the laws of nature and you cannot bend these rules without breaking them. If you make an exception for one, you will have to make exceptions for them all.

Comrade Rich then reads the first part of Harold’s book ‘Freedom’s Sons’ before Gretchen returns to discuss ‘The Perils of Diversity, Immigration and Human Nature’ by Byron M Roth. This is an overview of what has happened to the demographics in America and Europe since the end of the second world war and tries to answer why politicians ignore the facts about diversity in favour of an unproven ideology. He does mention the IQ problem but believes it can be raised by adequate nutrition. Since colonisation ended, Africa has been unable to self govern and he thinks it should be re-colonised, but this will probably be done by Moslems, not Whites. Gretchen thinks some of his speculations are a bit wild, such as thinking China will invade Africa and he does not think Islamic terrorism will wake the West up.

Harold closes the episode by questioning whether the secret police will be too busy dealing with the globalist attacks on Trump over the next few years to be too bothered with us. We could also see the breakup of the United States, as the Liberals start demanding autonomy from the evil fascist dictator and when this happens, we need to be ready to seize that chance.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: You Never Know Who You Are Talking To – RFN 011217

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  1. What about people like me?
    I look white but am not pure blooded by any means.If I am not mistaken we have Native American & traces of African DNA.

  2. Replies
    1. OK so I am black?
      Well this is good because I look white and have family that looks white.
      That means ppl like me will be persecuted by the racial white christians and the blacks Arabs Jews etc..
      Jesus Christ said
      "Blessed are the persecuted" So my alienation from this ticking cesspool and subsequent persecution by all sides is truly a blessing.Thank you this is the best news I have received in quite some time.
      Dominus Vobiscum