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SS Britannia: The Arrival of the Alt-Right


Sven Longshanks and Subal present the first Radio Aryan podcast to be recorded in the New Year and they begin by looking back  over the rise of the Alt-Right in 2016 and where things are heading for 2017. The year started with the different factions not really having much to do with one another, but ended with Richard Spencer being accepted by all sides as a suitable spokesman for us. Even though the Alt-Right is mainly an internet phenomenon, this is a very good thing in itself as most people discover our ideas on the internet first, before going out and meeting with other Nationalists. For every one Nationalist that discovers us through stickers or street demonstrations, there must be at least a hundred who found us online.

Last year was the year the Alt-Right really arrived and became a part of the establishment’s vocabulary. Thanks to Hillary Clinton promoting us, the movement became just too big for the media to ignore. Subal uses the Hailgate controversy to explain why the more extremist we are, the better it is for us. The media had to cover that, because they have to be seen to be condemning it, yet by publicising it, they take our brand and message even further. That one incident had such a positive effect for us, uniting the more extreme elements and all classes in support of Richard Spencer, those who condemned it really showed why they have never had any success up until now. The more extreme we are in our rhetoric, the less extreme the centre right becomes and the more ridiculous it appears to people when parties like UKIP are denounced as fascists.

The Alt-Right is particularly appealing to young people, as it represents the only true rebellion left and has the added bonus of being positive and virtuous, which is why the UK government were so desperate to find a way to stop National Action. They could never infiltrate a group like NA with agent provocateurs or for intelligence gathering purposes due to the ages involved, which must have been a first since intelligence gathering began. The government must have been really terrified of them to use such a steam hammer to crack a walnut.

The new year can only see us continue to win, as the world starts to see the benefits of having a patriot for a leader in America. So long as Jews continue to be Jews and Moslems continue to be Moslems, the result will always be more people becoming red-pilled and joining the Alt-Right.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: The Arrival of the Alt-Right – SS 010217


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  1. The "jewish question" is more correctly understood as the jew war on HWhites. There's just no reason to be promoting ambiguous narratives at this point.

  2. When people call us "NAZIs" the proper response should be saying thank-you. It ALWAYS prompts an open door question in the blue-pilled (jew-pilled) hearer of the conversation to find-out why that person had that response. ALWAYS say thank-you. Their own conditioned-programming deception works against them buy defacto 1st domino red-pilling everyone. It's funny as hell!

  3. Communism,Jewish feminism,plus the promotion of negroid animals is something I have lived with my entire life.