SS Britannia: Natural Law and the Natural Order


Sven Longshanks and Subal present a new episode of SS Britannia and begin by discussing Trump’s first week in power, how he has already achieved more than we thought he would and all with the sweep of his pen. Theresa May went to visit him and the shots of him holding her hand, show that she cant have made that bad an impression on him. She needs to ditch her speech writers and start following his lead though, if she wants Britain to succeed in the future. So far it is only Nigel Farage who has supported Trump’s move against immigration and it is hoped that the new leader of UKIP will follow Nigel in this, if he wins his upcoming election in Stoke.

The Alt-Right has been having a lot of ideological issues recently, due to it’s big tent approach and one way to deal with this has been outlined by the Iron March Forum. We need to be sticking by the principles of natural law if we are going to say we are Nationalists. That means we condemn homosexuality, race mixing and especially Jews. Most would agree with that, but when it comes down to putting it into practice it can become complicated. What happens if someone is only an eighth mixed, or a great great grandfather was Jewish, or they are secretly gay? Allowing any of these things to pass will lead to calls for more to be allowed, until the Alt-Right becomes no different to Civic Nationalism or Racial Libertarianism.

Some spokesmen in the Alt-Right have been saying that Jewishness is caused by culture and religion and is not biologically determined, yet Cultural Marxism and Communism were both created by Atheist Jews. Kevin MacDonald’s work has provided overwhelming evidence that Jews do what they do because they were born that way, yet still people will try and claim otherwise, usually because they are compromised by having Jewish friends or family. If you are a Nationalist then your loyalties should be to your ethnic nation, not to anyone else and the ethnic nation excludes all other ethnicities, regardless of how small the amount of non-White blood is.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: Natural Law and the Natural Order – SS 012917

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