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SS Britannia: Skull Cracking in the South West


Sven Longshanks and Subal present a new episode of SS Britannia, this week discussing the cowardly attack on a South West Forum meeting by masked thugs. These pathetic pieces of excrement hit a 72 year old disabled man with a weapon and punched a woman in the face outside before then throwing rocks through the windows of the building. As soon as the noise was heard Nationalists rushed to the aid of our comrades to find the enemy sitting ducks at the top of the outside fire escape. Always keen to embrace equality the fools had seen fit to bring a girl with them and she was being detained at the top of the stairs by her hair as they desperately tried to drag her back down in a tug-of-war. Much skull cracking went on before she was finally let go and the hospital will have been busy stitching them up no doubt.

Sven and Subal discuss the incident and the mindless stupidity of White people attacking other White people when they are speaking up for their interests. These youths already have no jobs, no houses and no future due to the invasion, how do they think that situation will ever improve if immigration continues? Nationalists are the only people speaking up for the interests of of their nation, do these clowns think the Jews, Moslems and Blacks will be speaking up for them in the future? Do they love Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May that much they must silence anyone opposed to the establishment?

Subal talks about how he used to sympathise with communist idealism but realised it was a fraud when he asked them what was going to happen once the violent revolution had taken place and they didn’t have an answer. It just means that the most violent people who win will be ruling, with gang warfare the order of the day. Liberals love to say that there are violent criminals in every race, but from what we see of it, all the White ones are on the Left.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: Skull Cracking in the South West – SS 010917


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  1. Sven you are the great inspiration keep up the good work.

  2. My experience of UK antifa is that most of them today are Jews. In the old days the Marxist professors, many of course Jews themselves, could bring out large numbers of student Goyim as well when Unite Against Fascism was at it's height. Nowadays if you would follow this scum back to it's bus you might just find they are students from Goldsmiths college. Hope Not Hate is mostly Jewish as well and the EDL was taken over very early on as an anti-Jihad movement by Jews. The huge crowds of youths in the EDL were largely composed of Jewish fans of Jewish football clubs like Tottenham Hotspur co-ordinated by Jewish computer millionaire Alan Lake who was in with all their leaders.

  3. Someone in the Jew-K needs to put ads in the music papers for young nationalist musicians, get them together in a room and start developing an entirely new nationalist music sound. The Sex Pistols in 1975 did this and they could have taken youth in the direction of nationalism if they had not been degenerated, deracinated leftists. The sound of youth is the sound of testosterone. We want to win over the left? We need a nationalist revolutionary sound like the pistols: