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The Daily Traditionalist: Capitalism is the New Colonialism


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Matthew Heimbach for Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about the effect we are having on social media and how the Left are responding to this. Matt sent a tweet out supporting Jesse Torniainen yesterday, as well as one supporting Bashar al Assad and his Twitter account has been suspended because of this. Neither message was hate speech, the account was taken down purely because of the political views expressed. The TWP are a registered political party, yet due to group mobilisation among the Left to report the account, Matt’s opportunity to speak on social media has been withdrawn.

Dr Johnson reminds us that the Left used to love Assad’s father when he was supported by the Soviet Union and was against the United States, but now that Syria is outside the banking system, they are against the country.

Matt points out that being a Nationalist means supporting self determination for all peoples, which means being anti-colonialism and the colonialism of today, is the international banking system. It doesn’t matter what government you have in a country if it has an international bank, the whole country will be working to serve the globalist system, rather than the good of the nation.

Dr Johnson explains that capital always eventually takes over all avenues of communication, like the TV and like Twitter, which is why Matt’s account has been taken down. It is much easier when it is the government that has this monopoly even if it is hostile, as then you just have one enemy to deal with. When it is the money power, the enemy becomes all the many different corporations that are interlinked together. A State media is far better to have, as you know exactly where you are with them as they have to be seen to be observing their own rules.

The corporations have a media monopoly controlling thousands of outlets and all of them are run by Jews who work to advance their interests at the cost of our own. Opposition to the New World Order has to have an anti-capitalist component, as it is through capitalism that the Jews were able to do this.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Johnson

The Daily Traditionalist: Capitalism is the New Colonialism – DT 010317


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