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The Daily Traditionalist: Christianity in Fascism


Florian Geyer joins Matthew Heimbach for the last Daily Traditionalist of the week to discuss Christianity in Fascism. He begins by describing how he moved from being a Neo-Reactionary to Fascism with the help of Daily Stormer’s Zeiger. Florian is studying with a view to becoming a priest, which is something Matt was interested in before he met his wife. Both started out Catholic but moved to Orthodoxy for different reasons, Matt after seeing the problems that were occurring in the modern Catholic church and Florian after a spiritual experience.

Faith helps with understanding the problems we face, the Jews, the New World Order, Liberalism, all of it is a manifestation of spiritual evil as our enemy is Satanic. The theology of the Orthodox church is the only explanation Florian has found that makes sense in explaining the world around us. What unifies the Left against us is their hatred of the natural order and Christ is the personification of this law as the Logos, so the Left is by definition Satanic, as it is anti-Christ.

Fascism is inherently Christian, which is why all Fascist leaders were vocal about their Christian faith and how Fascism was an extension of it. Race is the foundation, but a foundation needs walls and a roof and this is provided by the traditional faith. There should be no conflict between Pagans and Christians in Nationalism, the Pagan systems were all poetic attempts to explain the world around them and this understanding just evolved into Christianity. It was the same people before and after and Florian points out that the old Frisian Pagan beliefs centred around worship of the Logos, the same thing that Christianity is supposed to be about.

More morality and less moralism is what we need and stopping the enemies of Logos is our shared goal. The cultivation of virtue should be central to our aims, if we had virtuous people then none of what we see around us could have happened. So long as we can all agree on these things, then there should be no discord among us.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Florian Geyer

The Daily Traditionalist: Christianity in Fascism – DT 011317


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  1. hate the sin love the sinner

  2. I work with 95% white people & the VAST MAJORITY are dumb,vulgar,rude,hateful,arrogant(i.e. no self respect or respect for their folk) severely limited with knowledge of anything beyond sports,rap music,cars,and making stupid lame dumb sex jokes.
    I am all for white men standing up and uniting.
    Just realize we as a race have been dumbed down,demoralized,and are no different from blacks & Latinos.In other words,We are up against 45 years of social engineering.
    This is something that needs to be addressed.If I tried to talk with anyone at work about issues discussed on these podcasts,my white co-workers would laugh and think that we are all insane or stupid.(or both)
    This is not trash talk nor is it infighting as the average white adult has zero interest in doing anything other watching porn,getting a buzz,eating,and listening to rap hip hop.Oh I forgot,add NASCAR & watching basketball/football.

    1. E.Michael Jones discusses these issues I just mentioned.
      Aside from loyalty to the false Novus Ordo church,he is usually 90%-100% correct. This subject is uncomfortable as it makes us as a race realize we've been lured into a soft decadent meaningless cesspool of garbage.Yet it has taken our race 45-50 years to wake up.

  3. What's the prevailing opinion on sedevacantism?Do you all agree,disagree,or neutral due to being Eastern Orthodox?