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The Daily Traditionalist: Goodbye Jews!


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Jason Augustus for Tuesday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist and they begin by pointing out that it is not just us that are having problems with miscegenation, monkeys and dear are being forced together in Japan. Pastor Manning would not approve and Matt draws attention to how humorous his rants are, before questioning why the Left have no sense of humour? There is nothing funnier than the truth and by making the truth into a taboo, we take away the ability to laugh each other.

Erik Striker has an article up on the Chicago flash demo and women have been asking why they were not told about it. There are a couple of reasons for this, women’s security could not be guaranteed in a dangerous place like Chicago and the call out was also limited to a small group of people to prevent it from being leaked. Women will be welcome to attend TWP demonstrations later in the year, but at flash demos there could be a risk to their own health and to others if defensive or evasive action has to be taken.

Jason had to be careful with the lens he was using to film the protest, as Chicago is ultra vibrant and a more expensive one could have been damaged if the wild animals had got too close. He gives some advice on the hardware needed for recording on location as it is important to document events like this as it encourages others to do the same and draws new people into the movement. Always check if people mind being recorded and let them know that you are recording, they can always then disguise themselves if necessary. 

Sometimes it is better to let the mainstream media know you are doing something like this, as then you can get maximum publicity, but if it has not been pre-arranged with a permit then it is best not to. Recording it ourselves prevents the media from twisting our quotes and putting lies in our mouths and the technology is out there to make good quality propaganda that can compete with theirs, so there is no excuse not to do so.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Goodbye Jews! – DT 011017

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  1. Congrats on the demo in Chicago.
    Encourage every city in the Western Hemisphere to conduct flash demo's and capture it on video.
    This is the only advice I would've added to your podcast today.
    You all proved beyond all doubt flash demo's are possible & very productive.
    Hail Victory
    Laus Tibi Christie