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The Daily Traditionalist: Goy Story III


Matthew Heimbach is joined by Jason Augustus fresh from the meme coal mine for today’s episode, to discuss the latest goings on in Trumpland. We cannot expect him go full 1488, but still he has been pretty amazing. Most of Trump’s administration appear to be very pro-America and since it is multiculturalism that is destroying America, they are naturally enacting pro-White policies.

Matt has been listening to the debates in the British House of Lords about President Trump, where they have been wailing and gnashing their teeth over Trump’s visa bans on countries that hate America. British people have not been banned, but Negroes and Arabs who have been in Britain 2 minutes and been given a British passport have been advised not to bother even trying to get a visa. If you want to stop terrorism, then the first thing you have to do is seal your borders and then remove any threats from inside the country, the logic is so simple, yet Liberals just do not understand it.

Matt points out that the mosque shooting in Canada yesterday was actually carried out by a White guy, but the attack still would never have happened if brown people had not been in Canada in the first place. The vast majority of these mosques are funded by Saudi Arabians and they are radicalising people and encouraging them to attack Whites. Anyone who supports Moslems is supporting the gradual takeover of our countries, but shooting up a mosque is not the answer. Multiculturalism is the cause of Whites and Moslems being attacked, it always leads to violence but it is so rarely covered by the fake news media if the victim is White, so no, we are not particularly bothered that Moslems died in the mosque, they should never have been here in the first place.

Matt then lets us in on one of his guilty pleasures, he likes watching children’s animated movies and his favourites are Toy Story 3 and Antz, because their is a Jewish character in one who suggests using finance and lobbying instead of going to war. This reminds him that TWP are looking for artistic talent, especially people who can create fliers like the old NA White Zone ones. Iron March are also looking for writers and they have a fantastic new article out on the Alt-Right that Matt references, that was also discussed in SS Britannia this week, so there is no excuse not to get involved if you have any creative flair.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: Goy Story III – DT 013117


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  1. There's an actual video shot inside a yeshiva in the Pariah state where the rabbi actually teaches the cultletts that they are NOT human beings. No s#!t. It's actually their doctrine. If I get some more time later, I'll locate and post the link.