The Daily Traditionalist: The Great Day Arrives


Jason Augustus joins Matt Parrott for the final Daily Traditionalist of the week, to look back over the Trump campaign and talk about why this is such an important point in history. Matt reminds us of the day that Ted Cruz admitted defeat, which was really the start of taking Trump seriously. It was after this that the GOP establishment was wreaked by the meme magicians and the Twitter warriors.

Getting Trump elected is the first step in our attempt to break free from the New World Order. Matt thinks Trump is going to be like Obama and go a lot more extreme in his policies than he talked about during the campaign and cause the biggest shock the system has been dealt in decades.

Jason would like to see Trump clamp down on Black Lives Matter and the other antifa rioters, who were smashing and looting storefronts while the inauguration was going on. The beauty of all the destruction the anarchists are causing is that when the establishment come out as being against Trump, they are allying themselves with these rioters and the looters. The rules of the system are that whoever wins the vote, is president, the sore losers are just showing themselves to be dishonest and anti-democratic.

Heimbach is at the inauguration and he bumped into the antifa yesterday, but he had to really hold himself back as he is desperate not to get arrested. He totally schooled them in politics and offered them the credible alternative, after this a Zionist arrived and he totally destroyed him too. The fact of the matter is, if you are correct, you will never be proved wrong. He used the Left’s own terminology and language to argue our social nationalist points with them and won. Leftists believe the Hollywood version of National Socialism and Heimbach totally demolished that, before showing how hypocritical and genocidal the Israeli regime is. They had nothing to rebut any of his points and the Jew made a complete ass of himself.

The Deploraball was attacked by terrorists last night, using violence and intimidation to try and shut down the alternative voice and Matt and Jason finish the podcast by discussing this and explaining why we do not need Jews in the Alt-Right.

Presented by Matt Parrott and Jason Augustus

The Daily Traditionalist: The Great Day Arrives – DT 012017

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