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The Daily Traditionalist: Trump the Racist Democrat


Matt Parrott joins Matthew Heimbach for Friday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about current events and the first one covered is funding for the great wall of Trump. George Bush signed off a bill for a large section of fence along the border that never got enacted and Trump is expecting to add to this piece of legislation. Parrott explains that Clinton, Bush and Obama have completely ignored every act of congress against immigration, so all the new president needs to do is enforce the law. All you have to do is stop the incentives there are for immigration, to get the invaders to self-deport. If the employers were prosecuted, they would soon stop using their cheap brown factory fodder.

Moving on to the top news story of the day, which is the disgustingly wicked scalping of a White autistic boy by Black Lives Matter bipeds, the two hosts are pleased to see the effect this is having on civic nationalists and patriots. The attempt to frame this as ‘just kids playing around’ has really back-fired on the establishment as there has been a huge angry response to it from the general public. This was a hate crime kidnapping and they have had to acknowledge it thanks to public pressure, but the mainstream media are still trying to distance the savages from Black Lives Matter, despite them using the language of these terrorists.

To finish the show David Cole’s latest article is brought up, which advises the Alt-Right that it should be modelling itself on Israel and working with the Jews. This is a subject covered earlier in the week and Matt reminds all listeners that we cannot trust the Jews in any way at all, as they are at war with us. The article tries to pretend that Jews and Aryans have some kind of alliance and the Alt-Right should be reflecting this, but Parrott points out that if any groups are allied with the Alt-Right it is people like Duterte in the Phillippines, not Netanyahu in Israel. The Jews keep trying to infiltrate the Alt-Right and we must be on our guard against this and not give way even an inch.

Produced by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Trump the Racist Democrat – DT 010617

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