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The Daily Traditionalist: White Victim Finally Makes the News


Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach for Thursday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to talk about the horrific kidnapping and torture of a young disabled White man by Negro savages. Black on White crime in itself is nothing new, a White woman is raped by Negroes every 15 minutes in America, but what makes this incident so remarkable is the fact it was streamed live on Facebook. Because of this, the mainstream media has been forced to cover it and the hatred Blacks have for Whites is now plain for all the world to see.

If this had been a disabled Black kid, tortured and scalped by White cops, America would be in flames right now, but because the victim is White, all we have is excuses and denials. This sort of behaviour is common in Africa and every other country that is unfortunate enough to have a Black population residing in it, as Blacks do not have compassion when they see vulnerability, they just see something that can be easily exploited for their own perverse pleasure.

Matt points out that crimes like this happen because White people have been dehumanised by the mainstream media, but a White man would never treat even an animal like this. We only have to look at the way Blacks treat animals to see that they do not have the humane traits of charity and mercy that we do. All the while we are forced to live alongside these backwards creatures crimes like this are going to happen. The only way to stop them is to separate the races entirely and we hope that they live stream more of their crimes like this, as that will be a big help toward achieving it.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Sven Longshanks

The Daily Traditionalist: White Victim Finally Makes the News – DT 010517


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