Aryan Esoterica: In The Beginning

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Sven Longshanks presents the fifth and final episode of the series looking at Miguel Serrano’s Hitler the Ultimate Avatar. We have looked at the origins of writing, archetypes and avatars, the extra-natural abilities of the Aryan and the differences between the Aryan and the non-Aryan. We have also looked in depth at the role that the Jew plays, as a tempter and deceiver. We have talked about the role of Satan and how the Jews carry out his will on earth and in the previous episode, we described how the Jews ethnicity changed after their return from Babylon and before the destruction of their temple.

This week we will look again at the early nations of the Near East, including the Ammorites and the Hyksos and we will learn where the Jew got his hooked nose from. We will also talk about one of the earliest civilisations on earth, that of the Gobi, as described by Professor Herman Wirth of the Ahnnenurbe. We will compare the tales of a flood in Greek, Hindu, Zoroastrian and Hebrew texts and will locate the probable area for this and look at the remains of the people who lived there and their highly developed farming society. We will also point out similarities in the descriptions of this catastrophe in the sacred books and ask whether the flood was global or local and how it may have happened.

After that we will question the way we perceive the world and suggest that there is only one way that it could have been created. Then we will suggest a surprising place where we might find the destruction of it depicted and we will suggest where, when and how the other races might have been created and what their role is on the great stage of illusion that is our world.

Finally, we will answer Serranoes question as to how the Jew could have survived this long as a bastard race, living as a parasite on the host nation.

There have been so many subjects gone into in this series that it was only possible to cover them briefly, it would take a lifetime to thoroughly research everything and it is hoped that the ideas put forward will inspire others to do their own investigations and come to their own conclusions from the evidence presented. Serrano’s worldview was very similar to the view outlined in this series, the main difference being that he was against Christianity. The Aryan is the pinnacle of all creation and the Jew has been his enemy throughout all history in one form or another, the more we learn about this war between the two races the better equipped we will be to defeat him and we will defeat him. We are guaranteed of that, as all our myths and holy books confirm it.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Aryan Esoterica: In The Beginning – AE 020217

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