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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Teamwork

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After a week long hiatus Thoughts of the Day is back! Rest assured this is the first time Grandpa Lampshade has missed making a podcast in all the years he has been doing this and it will probably be another couple of years before it happens again. When it comes to doing this show, the quality of the content will always be the most important thing, rather than simply putting something out to say that something has been published. Thus, on the rare occasion where thoughts are tied up with other matters and inspiration is not forthcoming, listeners will not have to put up with a sub-standard show. Many of us reached out to Grandpa concerned by the fact that we were unable to get our weekly frogcast fix and he would like to to say thank you. It means a lot to him to know that we enjoy the show enough to miss it when a week gets skipped, so with all that out of the way let’s get this train rolling!

We start off with a little in house business: the blog topped it's all time high traffic numbers three days in a row this past week! Feedback has been very positive and it's a great way to get a shot of Lampshade every day during the week! The content on the blog is a little different to what we hear on the podcast, there are not many news stories and articles here on Thoughts of the Day. On the blog however, that is the main attraction. This arrangement works out well in that the blog is entertaining and informative, yet there isn't too much overlap in what is on there during the week versus what is on the show. So if you haven't yet, please be sure to stop by and check it out! We think you'll enjoy it.

The main segment this week deals with why we are all doing what we are for this movement. What is the point? We are trying to save our people, we are trying to secure a place in this world for our people in the face of a hostile enemy, who has convinced these very same people we are trying to save that it is they, the enemy, who are truly trying to lead them to happiness and liberation. They tell our people with sugar coated lies that we are the ones who want to oppress them and take away their happiness in life when just the opposite is true! Fighting this fight, which is what each and every one of us are doing at the personal level, can at times seem like beating your head against the wall. Grandpa Lampshade has some advice for us: when we look at the great things that have been built by those who came before us, when we reflect back on the great accomplishments that our people have made over the years, remember that no one single person made that happen. These things that we see, these things that we are so proud of were done by our people as a group, they were done by our people collectively. Thus, you should remember that this great task before us will be accomplished not by one single person, but by our people collectively.

Picking up where we left off in previous shows, the discussion then continues onto specifics. We are of course referring to specifics in regards to specific policies that we believe in, specific policies that as a political movement we believe should be set in place and the subject for this week is multi-national corporations. GPL doesn't believe corporations should be allowed to exist at all. Now considering that for most people their historical perspective is only their own lifetime, a statement such as this can seem like a radical idea for the simple fact that corporations have always existed during our current lifetime. However, when we look at things in the larger context of history, corporations are actually a very new invention. The problem with them is that they are so large and so unaccountable that they have no loyalty to the ethnic nations which they profit from. They are called "multi national" corporations for a reason. They have no loyalty to any one nation. They are entities whose sole reason to exist is to extract wealth from the people, no matter who those people might be.

After that, we return to the new listener’s topics segment. This is a new feature being added to the podcast where the listener and Grandpa will literally sit down and have a discussion for the show. With not recording one last week this kind of got lost in the shuffle, but we are going to get this segment going and we are going to get this ironed out and back on track. When this new segment was introduced, we knew there would be some bugs to work out first, so bear with us because this is quickly going to become one of the most popular segments on Thoughts of the Day. Rest assured it has not been forgotten about and Grandpa Lampshade will keep us all updated on it’s status for the next show.

As always, we wrap up with some listener’s questions and comments. This particular one comes from Landsknecht, who would like to hear more on the difference between how things are in Texas vs say California as to our diversity problem. Well no doubt if there is one thing Texas is not short of, it's coyotes and meskins. Grandpa Lampshade will do his best to try and explain the cultural differences that make things so much more different in the Lone Star State compared to others that have been invaded by the brown hordes.

Thoughts of the Day is back and it’s better than ever. New segments will be coming our way in the months ahead that nobody will be wanting to miss. So be ready, be prepared and stay tuned to Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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