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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Inside the Mind of the Enemy


A brand new instalment of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day on a brand new redesigned Radio Aryan! It doesn't get much better than that. By now you've seen the newly updated Radio Aryan website and I can tell you, it's something that we are all very proud of. Many of the issues with the old website have been fixed and it is now much easier to find your favourite hosts' podcasts as well as finding older shows that you have perhaps missed. The comments section uses disqus which everyone is familiar with and which will allow us to continue the interaction that is such an important part of what we do. We are all very excited about the upgrade and are confident that Radio Aryan will continue to grow and be the go to place for top notch content dedicated to our cause.

As we kick off the show we are reintroducing the new Listener Topics segment. When I introduced this last time we wound up hitting some bumps in the road and it kind of got lost in the mix and I also, as expected had a few more bugs to work out with it. Fear not, we are going forward with the new segment and I am still confident that this new part of the show will be a lot of fun. This is your chance to come on Thoughts of the Day and discuss what you want to discuss with Grandpa Lampshade. The email address for your topic to come on the show with is [email protected]

Please only use this email for the topic that you want to submit for consideration to come on the show with. For regular listener’s questions/comments, please continue to send those to me as you have in the past. Right now, we have the new comments section on the new website so that's a good way or if in doubt, simply send your questions and comments to me through the email link at the Semitic Truth Center, [email protected]. Comments are also checked over at Alt-Right Andy’s Youtube channel as well, so there are many ways that I can be contacted. This upcoming segment will add a whole new level of interaction between myself and you, the listeners. It doesn't matter what you wish to discuss, whether it's something we're going to agree on or not, as long as I think it will be fun and interesting to talk about. Topics will be open from Tuesday when this show airs until Sunday, at which point I will pick one. I will send a reply to you and we'll set up everything we need to get you on the show. If I haven't heard back from you by Wednesday, then I will move on and pick someone else. This will allow us to get the segment finished in case something comes up and you are unable to come on due to unforeseen circumstances after you have already submitted a topic. This is going to be fun and I am really looking forward to it. I think this new segment may very well wind up being one of the best parts of the show.

Getting into the meat of this week's podcast, Grandpa Lampshade takes you for a dark tour inside the mind set of the Jew. I read an article written by one about how basically his fellow Jews are hurting their standing by being so blatantly out in the open with screwing over the goyim. Though the Jew was obviously trying to go for a "not all of us Jews are rats" angle, what I found really telling about the whole thing is how Jewcentric it really was. There was not any sort of sense of, "Hey these goys aren't so bad. Why are ya'll so hell bent on kikeing them over?" it was all about themselves and whether or not it was bad for the Jews. There is never any sort of concern about right and wrong or what is fair, everything for the Jew is measured in the context of how it effects the Jews.

In other happenings, we had a stupid "Day Without Immigrants" protest this past week. It would seem that since the anti-Trump protests are now becoming so run of the mill, our enemies have decided to spice it up a bit. This particular protest turned out to be a flop that got zero traction but Grandpa Lampshade would like to take a moment just to reflect on what a real day without immigrants would look like. Would our nation grind to a halt or would it be more of a case that our crime rates would go down and our welfare budget would suddenly have a surplus?

Moving into Trump news: Trump's plan to destroy the establishment media is rolling along nicely according to schedule. Once upon a time, if a President wanted to shut down the media he would just send soldiers in to arrest the traitors even while they were on air. Trump is showing us that this isn't even necessary. He is demonstrating that given the right mental cues and by using the right tactics, these people will self destruct and destroy themselves without you even having to lift a finger. Regardless of the media's shrill attempts to convince you otherwise, this front is moving along well. A more concerning thing is the attempt at a soft coup that is being pulled right now by the intelligence agencies. We are now witnessing rogue intelligence agencies working with elements of the media to try and undermine and knee cap the President of the United States because he is attempting to shut down the corruption and actually set policies that will benefit the people of the country. I said this back when the "drain the swamp" slogan became popular: we all want the swamp drained but you can bet that the alligators and snakes will not appreciate it at all and will fight back tooth and nail.

Speaking of the media, this merges nicely with our specifics segment this week. As you all know, we've been discussing specific policies that we would like to see implemented if we were to be in power. Along this line of thinking, what should our policy be when it comes to the press? As fascist as Grandpa Lampshade may be, I don't see any reason to be necessarily opposed to a free media. What you have to understand at this point in time is that we do not have a free media in this country, or anywhere in the west for that matter. There is no free press when it comes to the media establishment, they are simply the propaganda wing of the Marxist movement. Thus, what is referred to as the press today needs to be shut down and disbanded completely. What could be counted as the closest thing to an actual free press today would be the work citizen journalists are doing. Political commentators such as myself who are the only ones out here actually speaking truth to the Marxist power, while those who claim to be the media scream and shout that it is we who should be shut down. I think a free press is a good thing as long as they are actually speaking the truth. The media establishment we have today works non stop to hide the truth and confuse the people. This is a topic that may need to run into next week as all of you give this some thought and feedback and we consider it deeper.

In our always popular listener’s questions and comments segment we go to Radio Aryan chat and Cuck Slayer has a good one: what is our most important goal moving forward in current year, 2017? This is a good one and honestly a little hard to answer for the simple fact that our goals will keep changing as the situation we find ourselves in right now is very fluid. There are a lot of things all at work at the same time and we will have to continue to redirect and focus our fire as the situation dictates. As things stand right now, GPL believes our most important goal can be summed up as we need to be louder and prouder. We have to show these people that they will not shut us up. We have to put the lie to the media spin that Trump doesn't have support by showing up on the streets to make our voices heard. If you aren't at a place where you are comfortable going to a hard core right nationalist rally then show up at a normie pro-Trump rally. What is important here is opposing the Leftists and showing strength. We need to be showing them that their campaign to demoralize and isolate us isn't working. We have to strike fear in our enemies by growing our numbers and making our presence felt.

We are moving forward and we are making our voices heard, on the internet and on the streets. We aren't going anywhere. Our numbers are growing and we are getting stronger while our enemies are becoming more and more desperate. Don't miss out on any of it as we'll be discussing it all right here every week on Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day.

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Grandpa Lampshade: Thoughts of the Day – Inside the Mind of the Enemy – GL 022117


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