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Streaming Alt-Right Audio 24 Hours a Day


Radio Free Northwest: A Breathing Period


Harold Covington is back with a new edition of the Radio Free Northwest podcast and begins by telling us his thoughts on Pizzagate and some previous allegations of paedophile conspiracies, before Gretchen reviews ‘Germany’s Third Empire’ by Arthur Moeller Van den Bruck. This was written in 1923 and describes all the major political doctrines of the day after world war one, Gretchen found it interesting, if a little repetitive.

The Trucker is back after that to give us his views on the Leftist temper tantrums since Trump was inaugurated and reminds us that we need to get to the North West if we want to be in a community away from them.

Harold is then interviewed by Mike Harris to give his take on what is happening with Trump, but before that he talks some more about the Settlers 17 project. He worries that because we have won with Trump, many of us may think all our problems are now solved. Trump is going to face resistance at every step of the way, as we are seeing now with all the legal objections against his attempts to secure America from Islamic terrorists. What we really have is a breathing period, one man alone will not be able to reverse 70 years of Marxist liberal poison, the best we can hope for is a pause so that we can regroup.

Hillary also needs to be made to answer for what she did to the country, she needs to be locked up before the Left start elevating her to saint status. They are already talking about making her a mayor, so she can consolidate her power base. Mike points out that Trump still does not have his attorney general in place, which could be a reason why she has not been investigated yet. As many as 25 million fraudulent votes may have been cast for her, which means Trump won the popular vote by a landslide.

To round off the podcast the conversation moves to similarities between the Soros colour revolutions and what is going on with the Left at the moment. Trump has to cut off their funds if he wants these mobs to stop as the cost of the buses and organisation needed to bring all those untermenschen to the airports has to be coming from somewhere. Black Lies Matter appear to have disappeared completely now that Soros has no use for them, it seems he wants feminists, perverts and Moslems to do his work for him now.

Presented by Harold Covington

Radio Free Northwest: A Breathing Period – RFN 020917

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